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Find Your Vibe, Find Your Tribe: Announcing Hypervibe’s Foundation Training Course

25th March 2019
rockell williamson-rudder

I am proud to announce Hypervibe’s newest endeavor – the first ever Hypervibe Foundation Training course! Murray Seaton and Brie Kedwell, the co-founders of Hypervibe, have always been devoted to designing the highest quality products that deliver superior results. They have now taken their commitment a step further by developing an education series that is focused on teaching health and fitness professionals to achieve competence in implementing whole body vibration (WBV) with their patients and clients. As a leader in the industry, Hypervibe has identified the need to augment the practical knowledge about WBV through formal training. This project has brought Murray, Brie and their family all the way from Australia to the United States, where they will spend the next six weeks traveling, teaching and learning as they bring Hypervibe to the next level.

Although the awareness of what WBV has to offer has continued to spread, it seems that the vast majority of people are still largely unaware that this modality even exists. It remains a foreign concept to most – it was even unknown to me until recent years. As a physical therapist and someone who has experienced multiple health challenges, I have always been fascinated by movement and humbled by the body’s capacity to heal. After I was exposed to Hypervibe, I made it my personal mission to learn as much as possible about WBV and the science behind it. I wondered, with almost sixteen years of practice in my field, how was it possible that I hadn’t come across this before? As I continue to delve into the research, I have been intrigued to discover its many uses in the rehabilitative context as well as those for fitness and general wellness.

The concept of applying vibration to the body for healing purposes is an ancient one that has taken many different forms. Delivering WBV using a platform system allows for global activation of the neuromuscular, circulatory, skeletal and endocrine systems, with many different exercises that can be performed to target specific needs. The applications of WBV are extensive. They range from treatments for sedentary individuals to training for elite athletes, from therapy for children to wellness for the elderly, and from fitness routines for those who are able-bodied to interventions for those who are physically challenged. Even individuals who have the most limited movement or those who are physically unfit can utilize WBV as a tool to improve their mobility, get stronger, increase circulation or even to just stretch and relax.

Clinical research on a smaller scale has begun to investigate less common uses of WBV such as an intervention for PTSD, a tool to address depression and even a treatment for certain aspects of autism. While the knowledge is indeed preliminary in many of these areas that involve unconventional use, the fact remains that we need to continue to study it diligently, considering the possibility of improving the lives of those who battle these conditions. Although we are careful not to make sweeping claims about WBV’s capabilities, we are inspired by its potential to help and heal. Our awareness of this has grown from both personal experience and through the testimonials that are shared with us by our customers. Some of our team have been fortunate to witness firsthand the transformations that people have experienced by using WBV. We are immensely proud that they chose Hypervibe to accomplish their goals.

In our dedicated efforts to grow the Hypervibe brand and family, it is with great pleasure that we share our knowledge and continue to learn how we can further improve our products and services. Our commitment to raising the bar in the industry and setting new standards remains steady. We are excited with anticipation and eager to embark on this journey that will bring all of us together in the spirit of learning, and we especially look forward to meeting everyone who has enrolled in our courses in the coming month. Stay tuned in to our blog as we share the highlights of this first series of courses. You never know – you just might find yourself at the next one!

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