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3 Lower Body Exercises You Can Do on a Hypervibe Machine

01st January 2014

As I was saying in a recent article I wrote on New Year’s Resolutions, if there’s any magic in this world, it peaks on December 31, when these lists are written down.

If you’re curious to do some research, you’ll see that losing weight is still the most common resolution and that 54% of people who decide to drop some of the extra pounds in the coming year, fail in accomplishing this goal.  This happens, in most cases, because people lose motivation to stick with a healthier lifestyle and eat better, or because they can’t make enough time for practicing physical activities regularly.

Still, most of us have busy schedules, and most of us have to sacrifice other leisure activities for incorporating workouts into our daily routines, so if you really want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, you’ll have to find a solution that fits your program and to stick with it, without expecting overnight results.

Practicing physical exercises at least 3 times a week is more than doable if you’re willing to adjust your efforts and do your best to transform your body into a healthier, stronger, and leaner one. And you don’t even have to hit the gym for this – there are hundreds of exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home, with only a few pieces of equipment.

The HyperVibe workouts are an excellent option if you’re interested in strengthening your muscles while improving your flexibility, balance, coordination, and circulation, as the vibrations sent by the platform impact your entire body.

In this article you can find three HyperVibe exercises for the upper body, but for a full-body workout, you’ll need to train your legs and glutes as well, so here are 3 exercises for the lower body that can be done using our whole body vibration platform.

1. Squats


No lower-body workout is complete without squats! These exercises are excellent for shaping the legs and glutes, so if you want to look excellent in your swimsuit next summer, it’s time to add some squats in your daily training routine.

To make sure you get the most of this exercise and avoid injuries, keep your back straight, your legs bent at 90 degrees and try to always keep the knees behind the toes. Use your legs and hips to lift the body if you’re doing classical squats or simply maintain the squats position on the platform and allow the powerful vibrations to work your muscles.

2. Lunges


Your hams and quads benefit greatly from lunges, whether you decide to do these exercises on the HyperVibe machine or classically. Still, keep in mind that the whole body vibration platform can increase the G-force up and work your body more thoroughly, so results will be more impressive than those you’ll obtain if you’re using only your body weight.

To do the lunges correctly, keep your right knee bent and your back straight. The left leg can be bent as well, with the knee as close to the ground as possible, or extended if the platform is too tall for you. Your body should be perfectly aligned, to form three parallel lines – one passing through your right foot, one through your core and right knee, and one through your left foot.

Maintain this position for 1 minute, then repeat with the left leg bent. Make sure to adjust the frequency to feel your muscles working out – when done correctly, this exercise should engage your legs and glutes as well, so you should feel your entire lower body working.

3. Calf raises


After focusing on your hams, quads, and glutes, it’s time to move attention to your calf muscles as well, as you surely don’t want your lower body to look disproportionate. While standing on the machine, with your feet placed parallel on the tilting platform, raise and lower your heels to feel your calf muscles working.

If you can’t balance your body well enough at the beginning, it’s ok to just stand on the platform on your toes, as the powerful vibrations sent by the HyperVibe machine will make your calf muscles contract and relax even if you don’t do the classical raises. Again, do this exercise for one minute, and try to repeat the lower body routine 2 times a week for faster and better results.

Once you’re done with this, you can simply sit on the machine in the basic stance, as this position also works the lower body. Start at a higher frequency and decrease it after one minute. For cooling down, choose a frequency that will massage and relax your muscles.

A whole body vibration training session for the entire body doesn’t have to last more than 10 minutes, if you’re using the right frequencies and positions. The machine is powerful enough to stimulate your muscles and keep them working at their maximum capacity, so you’ll surely feel your body burning during those 10 minutes.

Have a Healthy New Year!

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