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The Benefits of Using Vibration Plates for Muscle Building

If you’ve ever wanted to truly amp up your workout, one piece of exercise equipment that you shouldn’t miss

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How to Be More Athletic and Get Fitter Faster

We’ve all watched, admired and supported our favourite athletes when watching them perform at Olympic or competitive games These

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12 of the Absolute Best Ab Workout Machines

Whether you’re looking to lose belly fat, slim down those love handles, or get refined-looking ab muscles, you need

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Vibrating Your Way to Good Health – The Best Exercise for Bad Knees

Knee pain affects millions of people and as the largest joint in the body, the knees can take strain

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Why Vibration Therapy After Knee Replacement Surgery Works

The knee is a complex joint It helps support body weight and enables engagement in a wide range of

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The Ins and Outs of Functional Strength Training

Studies have shown that as we age, our muscles and strength decline As a result, daily activities and the

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