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Rehab Summit 2019: Calling All Clinicians by Katerina Liapis, MSPT

At the end of July, my colleague, Debby Pelletier, and I had the opportunity to represent Hypervibe at the

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Frequently asked questions about Whole Body Vibration

Frequently Asked Questions About Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration machines create a hypergravity environment, the vertical directional force generated by the machine, G-force,

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Hypervibe Educates Consumers on a Better Way to Health

Hypervibe, a leader in innovative whole body vibration technology, announced a new resource for wellness-seekers looking for a proven

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Video: Teresa Talks About Her Experience Using WBV

Teresa, a mom, says she has “nothing but good things to say about whole body vibration” She credits a

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Hypervibe Announces New Study on Whole Body Vibration Effects on Mobility

Hypervibe, a leader in the field of whole body vibration

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