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Whole Body Vibration Exercises – Advanced Level

27th October 2014
wbv workout

This whole body vibration workout is for people who are already used to WBV training, as it requires a better fitness level and stronger muscles. If you’re just starting with vibration exercises, it’s better to check our beginner workouts and stick with less difficult exercises until you get used to this form of physical activity.

Feel free to change the order of these exercises if it’s more comfortable for you, and to incorporate other movements into the WBV training routine, so as to meet your fitness goals.

Please note that the parameters mentioned here – frequency and feet position – apply to Hypervibe workouts only. If you’re using a different whole body vibration machine and want to try these exercises, it’s your responsibility to check with the producer and see if you need to adjust the frequency or to change your position on the platform for stimulating the same groups of muscles.

1. Shoulder raise

This exercise works the upper body, being effective in strengthening the shoulders, arms and upper back muscles. However, given that you’re standing on a vibration platform, the legs also get a nice workout. Place your feet at #2 and do classical shoulder raises for 1 minute, exercising at 12Hz.

2. Deep squat

Position your feet at #2 or #3 and bring the vibration machine to 24Hz, increasing the frequency progressively. Do this exercise for 1-1.5 minutes, either passively or actively. Make sure your back is straight, abs engaged and knees bent.

shoulder WBV exercisedeep squat

3. Bridge (classical / single leg)

A challenging whole body vibration exercise is the single leg bridge, which should be performed at 22Hz, for 1 minute. Alternatively, you can perform the classical version with both feet on the vibrating platform.

4. Knee lift

Stand on the platform with feet at #1 and bring the right knee towards the chest, then repeat on the other side. Perform the exercise for 1 minute, working out at 22Hz of frequency.

bridgingstep up with knee lift b

5. Triceps dip

Place your hands on the platform, at #3, and bring the frequency to 18Hz. Perform the exercise for 1 minute. Make sure to keep the abs engaged and the back straight; avoid leaning forward or backward, to prevent shoulder injuries.

6. Plank

Place the hands on the WBV platform at #3, increase the frequency to 12 Hz, and contract the abdominal muscles, keeping the back and neck perfectly aligned and the spine in neutral position. Maintain the plank for 1 minute.

triceps dipdog plank a

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