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Whole Body Vibration Exercises for Your Waist and Back Muscles

01st October 2016

Office jobs can have a major impact on your body and overall health, some of the health hazards caused by a sedentary lifestyle and too much sitting including decreased circulation, a lower metabolic rate that favours the accumulation of excess pounds, back pain, decreased mobility of joints and muscles, the weakening of muscles and the loss of tissue in the muscles and bones.

Spending too much time sitting and practising no physical activities can also affect your posture and balance, favouring the development of spine deformities, decreasing the drainage of lymph and favouring water retention and so on. All these can affect not only seniors who have a rather sedentary lifestyle but also young adults who spend most of their time at a desk, and then their free time on a couch or in front of the computer.

If you are one of these people and want to reduce the impact a sedentary lifestyle has on your body, but don’t have that much time for gym workouts, you can start with whole body vibration exercise sessions that require just 10 minutes per day. These sessions are intense and they work your entire body, so even if you do mostly exercises for the lower body, for example, your core and upper body can still receive some stimulation.

The routine we’ll describe in this article is for your back muscles and waist, to help relieve lower back pain, build stronger back muscles that support the spine better, improve your posture and prevent the storage of excess fats around the waist and on the abdomen.

Although short, this whole body vibration session can be an excellent starting point for a more active lifestyle, and we encourage you to continue with WBV at least 3-4 times per week and to make time for 1-2 cardio sessions as well. Those can be running, jogging, walking, or sports like swimming, tennis, football or other such activities that are fun and healthy at the same time.

1. Reverse push-ups

Although the main focus here is on shoulders, upper arms and chest, the back muscles are also engaged, this exercise being excellent for working the entire body. Set the machine to a higher frequency and keep your feet closer to the platform’s edges if you want more stimulation, or bring the feet closer to the centre to reduce the amplitude and choose a lower frequency for a less intense exercise.

2. Planks

Another exercise that is especially beneficial for the core is the plank, regular or oblique, this position allowing you to target the abdominal muscles and the back area at the same time. It’s a tough exercise but has great effects on posture and helps in building a slimmer midsection and a more defined waist area.

3. Basic stance

A less demanding exercise is the basic stance, which can be more intense if you select a higher frequency, or more like a massage, for a lower G-force and amplitude. This exercise targets the legs, buttocks and core area, being great for your abdomen and back muscles.

4. Lower back relief

If you’re too tired for planks or push-ups and just want to relax and release the tension from the back muscles, this position is perfect. Set the machine to a lower intensity and stand with your feet apart, so as to feel the vibration in the lower back area.

5. Lateral raises

A move that targets the shoulders but works the upper body as well, the lateral raise can be done by using the elastic bands delivered with the Hypervibe machine. You can alternate this exercise with biceps curls and triceps extensions for a quick WBV upper body circuit, or simply stand on the machine for 1 minute and do classical lateral raises.

6. Side planks

The side plank is targets the obliques, transversus abdominis and inner thighs, so it works not only your waist but also your six-pack and legs. You can place a rolled-up towel between your thighs to make sure you maintain the form or do the exercise without additional items.

Set the frequency to 8-12 Hz and start with your right elbow on the platform. Keep the core contracted 30 seconds per side, and repeat the exercise for 2 minutes. Once you’re done, get up and do 30 seconds of high knees, to raise your heart rate while relaxing the upper body.

7. Core twists

Target the obliques with twists, which will make your abs burn and will help in defining the entire waist area. Sit on the platform with knees bent and lean back at a 45 angle, to form a C-shape. Twist your torso to the right, but try not to move the upper body too much.

Repeat on the left side, keeping the back extended and the abs contracted. Do this exercise for 1 minute, at a frequency of 15-18 Hz. Once you’re done, do 30 seconds of basketball jumps to relax the abdominals and the back muscles, then 30 seconds of glutes kickbacks to work the lower body more efficiently.

8. Mountain climbers

This exercise is similar to the plank, but besides toning your back and front abs, it also targets the obliques, so it’s perfect for getting a slimmer waist. Moreover, it burns a lot of calories, as it mixes cardio with strength movements.

Start in the plank position and bring your left knee towards the chest, then extend it back and repeat with the right knee. Set the frequency to 8-12 Hz to avoid head vibration and repeat for 1 minute, alternating sides. Try to do the movements slowly so as to feel the contraction of the obliques, then faster, to burn more calories.

After this exercise, do 2 sets of jumping jacks (30 seconds per set) and 3 sets (10 reps/set) of regular or whole body vibration push-ups. The more calories you consume, the lower your body fat percentage will get and the more visible your abs and obliques.

9. Crunches

Sit on the whole body vibration platform in the C-sit position, with knees bent and hands behind your head or at the level of your chest. Engage the abs and keep the back straight. Bring the right knee towards the chest, then extend it back and repeat with the left knee, as if you were riding a bike.

Repeat the movement for 1 minute, as quickly as possible, while still keeping your torso raised up and the abs contracted. Once you’re done with this exercise, do a round of squats on the vibration machine or on the floor; 3 sets of 10 reps or 30 seconds of WBV squats are perfect for targeting the glutes and toning the lower abs. Don’t forget that a slim waist is better highlighted by a round derriere and nicely shaped abdominals.

10. Lateral leg raises

Finish the routine with lateral leg raises which target the obliques and thighs, and are effective in shaping the glutes as well. Start in the side plank position, with feet on the platform and your right palm or elbow on the ground. Keep the core engaged and slowly lift the left leg, keeping the right leg on the platform. You should feel the vibration both in your leg and your obliques.

Repeat for 30 seconds on each side and keep the frequency to a level that allows you to do this movement slowly and with proper form. Finally, do another round of mountain climbers but this time standing, and move as fast as you can, without compromising form. End with 30 seconds of jogging in place to lower the heart rate and relax your muscles.

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