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Why The Best Vibration Training Machines Are Heavier, Noisier and Hungrier

08th July 2013
the power of a whole body vibration machine represented by a tiger

By taking your time to work through these blog articles you are gaining some appreciation for the mechanics, motors and modes of vibration that determine how much Acceleration a platform can produce and therefore how much energy can be transferred to your body; preferably without sending too much vibration to your head.

Unsurprisingly, research has shown time and again it’s the Acceleration (measured in G’s) you exercise with that determines how much work your muscles do and how much energy you burn.

More G’s = More Calories If that is the case, why aren’t all vibration machines ‘High G-force’ machines?

When it comes to the engineering of vibration machines, producing more G’s requires:
★ Better engineering ie. costlier engineers
★ Costlier components
★ More time in development
★ Costlier production equipment to make the final product
★ More post-production quality control
And, there are no ‘off-the-shelf’ options when it comes to high-performance machines, you can’t just go to China and choose a generic high G-force machine to put your sticker on, they don’t exist.

You need to be dedicated to all these extra costs, assembling and managing a team capable of handling all those production requirements, finding investors and taking risk.
Most people selling vibration machines want to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ but want nothing to do with all this extra time, cost, risk and responsibility which is why there are so many cheap, practically identical “off-the-shelf” machines on the market.
You can understand why those of us who “paid the cost” are not happy with all the cheap imitations out there trying to dupe consumers into believing they offer high G-force (when they don’t) or when it’s obvious they don’t offer high G-force, telling consumers high G-force is unsafe or unnecessary.

So perhaps that list of costs could also include:

★ Unscrupulous imitators trying to take your customers and give you a bad name.

the power of a whole body vibration machine represented by a tigerWeight, Noise And Energy
Comparing a low-G platform to a high-G one is like comparing a pussycat to a Tiger.
Compared to a pussycat, a Tiger is larger, more powerful, louder, heavier, and consumes more energy, not to mention costs more to buy!

The aim of any vibration machine is to generate movement – the plate moving you. It requires energy (electricity) to do this. It is not possible to convert all of that energy into movement. Some of the energy will be converted to sound and heat. Generating more movement (high Acceleration) requires more energy and will therefore result in some more sound and heat too. So…

More G-force requires more energy and results in more sound Generating movement that is faster and more forceful is also going to require the machine to have a much heavier base as an anchor to prevent the machine from bouncing all over the room. So…

More G-force requires more weight Heavier machines also cost more to package and more to transport. Combining the production and transport costs with the structural requirements of creating a machine that can give you 5 times as much stimulation as an ‘off-the-shelf’ cheapo, helps you appreciate why its going to be bigger, heavier, louder and costlier – a Whole Body Vibration Tiger!

dog colored in tiger stripesWith few exceptions it’s safe to say, machines which are:
★ Small
★ Light
★ Quiet and
★ Consume little energy

are going to be low acceleration platforms not capable of providing the health benefits of a real high performance machine – though it doesn’t stop some of the companies selling them from making Tiger-like advertising claims!

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