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  • Hypervibe for seniors - recommendations for safe workouts

    Hypervibe for seniors – recommendations for safe workouts

    28th May 2016

    If you follow our blog regularly, you know that we generally encourage Hypervibe users to practice whole body vibration exercises in addition to, and not instead traditional exercise However,

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  • flexibility exercises

    How flexibility changes with age and what to do about it

    28th December 2015

    Flexibility measures the range of motion of a joint and is correlated with age, but not solely determined by this factor

    Adults and seniors can still exhibit good

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  • Aspects of senior health that may be improved through WBV

    15th December 2015

    For many, senior living means dealing with unpleasant health problems and managing conditions that make everyday life less enjoyable

    Adopting a healthy diet and exercising more often can

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  • Lifestyle changes may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s

    28th October 2015

    A recent study published by German researchers suggests that simple lifestyle changes such as adopting a diet that reduces one’s cholesterol levels could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s

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  • seniors-balance-wbv

    Seniors can improve their balance with vibration exercises

    02nd October 2015

    Balance problems and falls are common in the elderly, and are a major cause of fractures in this population They are associated with increased morbidity and a lower quality

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  • whole-body-vibration-antiinflammatory

    Whole body vibration exercises, anti-inflammatory effects in the elderly

    10th August 2015

    Aging and inflammation are linked, this natural process resulting in low-grade inflammation that is not disabling in itself, but can make one more prone to disease, and impair their

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  • baby boomers bone health

    Baby boomers and bone health

    01st November 2014

    In a recent article, Mayo Clinic’s orthopedic surgeon Paul Huddleton, MD, explained how and why scoliosis affects baby boomers But scoliosis isn’t the only problem of

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  • sarcopenia strength training

    Sarcopenia causes and prevention

    20th October 2014

    After the age of 50, the muscle mass starts decreasing naturally, at an annual rate of about 1-2% In some people, however, the muscle mass loss, also referred to

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  • Low-Impact Physical Activities for Seniors

    12th August 2014

    They say the best fitness program is the one you will stick with, and this is true especially when it comes to seniors, as in lots of cases it’s

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  • happy family

    Proven Effects of WBV Therapy in Different Conditions, by Age Groups

    09th March 2014

    Whether you’re aiming to strengthen your muscles and get leaner, to reduce your body fat percentage and reshape your body, or to relieve the tension from your body and

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  • 2 Reasons Menopausal Women Should Use Whole Body Vibration Training

    01st March 2014

    Vibration platforms are widely used today in beauty salons, gyms, health centers and by home users as well, goals varying from one person to another

    Some use whole

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