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  • Intermittent claudication: symptoms and treatment options

    Intermittent claudication: symptoms and treatment options

    21st July 2016

    Intermittent claudication (IC) occurs due to poor blood circulation in the legs It manifests through aching, burning pain and a sensation of heaviness and tiredness, as well as through

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  • 8 whole body vibration exercises for better blood flow

    8 whole body vibration exercises for better blood flow

    18th June 2016

    In a previous article we detailed 10 signs of poor circulation, and showed that the entire body is affected when the blood flow is impaired The lower body

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  • Noninvasive treatments for varicose veins

    25th November 2015

    Swollen, twisted and unattractive, varicose veins develop mostly in the legs and they often stick out, being easy to recognize Colored in blue or dark purple and enlarged, varicose

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  • poor-blood-circulation-signs

    10 signs that you have poor blood circulation

    22nd June 2015

    The movement of blood that takes places in the blood vessels is defined as circulation, both veins and arteries being involved in this process

    Veins carry the blood

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  • improve blood circulation naturally

    5 strategies for improving blood circulation naturally

    26th January 2015

    Healthy blood circulation ensures a better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells, as well as higher energy levels Also, it contributes to the removal of toxins from the

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  • WBV Proves Beneficial in Diabetic Neuropathy

    09th June 2014

    Over 60% of diabetes sufferers are affected by neuropathy, nerve disorder which commonly affects the nerves under the skin and appears in both type 1 and type 2 diabetics

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  • Minimize the Damage Caused by High Heels with WBV

    17th January 2014

    Look at the picture below, and tell me what you see there: a great pair of Louboutins, or the legs of a woman who’s surely in great pain after

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