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    Applications of vibration therapy in fibromyalgia

    13th July 2016

    Vibration machine therapy may help in a variety of conditions, the benefits of this form of exercise going well beyond stronger muscles and better circulation In today’s article, we’ll

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    Can vibration machine exercises cure fibromyalgia pain?

    10th November 2015

    More present in women than in men and affecting about 5% of females, fibromyalgia is the third most common rheumatic disorder worldwide, after low back pain and arthritis

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    3 surprising conditions linked to fibromyalgia

    30th December 2014

    Manifesting through widespread pain, fatigue, brain fog and sleeplessness, numbness, tingling or swelling of the arms and legs, fibromyalgia affects 2-5% Australians, being more common in women, although men

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  • Trigger Points vs. Tender Points in Fibromyalgia

    27th June 2014

    Fibromyalgia affects 3-6% of the world population, being one of the most common chronic pain conditions worldwide Within the United States, this ailment affects around 10 million people, and

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    Managing Pain Naturally

    24th September 2013

    Chronic pain affects countless people across the country, and for those who suffer the most, it can make the simplest everyday tasks–taking a shower, getting dressed, even getting out of bed–almost

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