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  • What vibration plate exercises to do based on your goal

    What vibration plate exercises to do based on your goal

    07th August 2016

    When starting a new training program, the first thing you need to focus on is your short- and long-term fitness goals Some train just to stay active and to

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  • Mixed WBV / free weights exercises to decrease back fat

    Mixed WBV / free weights exercises to decrease back fat

    28th July 2016

    If you’re unhappy with how your back looks like right now and want to get rid of the back fat while toning your back muscles and strengthening them, you

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  • Can-I-mix-vibration-training-with-other-forms-of-exercis

    Can I mix vibration training with other forms of exercise?

    07th January 2016

    Mixing whole body vibration training with other forms of exercise is not uncommon In fact, fitness trainers recommend adding vibration exercises to aerobic routines, as the former are great

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  • Can exercise turn into a health threat?

    26th November 2015

    The health benefits of physical activity are well known: staying active and exercising regularly keeps you in good shape, improves your mood and cognition, helps you sleep better, regulates

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  • Sculpt-your-arms-and-thighs-with-whole-body-vibration-exercises

    Sculpt your arms and thighs with whole body vibration exercises

    17th August 2015

    You don’t have to be overweight to have your insecurities when it comes to body shape and weight Even the fittest people out there have their bad days, and

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  • home-gym-fitness-equipment

    Fitness equipment for building a home gym on a budget

    30th July 2015

    Investing in exercise equipment is always a good idea if you want to stay healthy and maintain your weight without paying for gym memberships, but building a home gym

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  • hip replacement surgery exercise

    Exercising after hip replacement surgery: how to start

    11th July 2015

    Returning to an active lifestyle after hip replacement surgery should happen progressively, as although the benefits of exercising are significant, it may not be safe to start exercising again

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  • wbv routine intermediate

    Full body whole body vibration routine – intermediate level

    17th June 2015

    Whole body vibration training is a safe and effective method to stimulate the entire body and get in shape at home, with minimum time investment This form of

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  • Low blood sugar levels during exercise: is non-diabetic hypoglycemia threatening?

    30th May 2015

    Hypoglycemia is the term used for defining low blood sugar levels, and when we’re talking about non-diabetic hypoglycemia, we refer to below normal values of blood sugar that occur

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  • wbv-routine-for-love-handles

    Whole body vibration routine for losing the love handles

    24th April 2015

    The love handles are called like this for a reason, but it’s definitely not because one loves the unsightly bulges that appear around the waistline and make one’s upper

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  • wbv slimmer legs

    Whole body vibration exercises for slimmer legs

    22nd February 2015

    Men and women have different goals when it comes to fitness and workouts The former are usually interested in putting on muscle mass and building stronger arms, chest and

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  • improve muscle tone

    3 solutions to look more toned without getting big

    02nd February 2015


    One of the reasons people avoid lifting weights or doing strength training is that they don’t want to “get big”, although they do want to improve their

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  • strength training

    Why your muscles need strength training

    31st December 2014


    A recent study showed that men who increase the amount of time spent lifting weights by 20 minutes a day are less likely to gain weight and more

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  • golf wbv routine

    Whole Body Vibration routine for golf players

    24th December 2014

    Whether you’re interested in improving your swing or alignment, or in strengthening your entire body for more powerful shots, whole body vibration exercises can be an excellent tool for

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  • pelvic floor muscles training

    Training the pelvic muscles: why, how and how often?

    22nd December 2014

    The pelvic floor muscles aren’t usually listed among the muscle groups that are trained during a regular workout, although some of the common exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor

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