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  • low-carb breakfast

    Low-carb breakfast ideas that keep you energized for hours

    19th April 2015

    Low carb diets are still considered among the best for fast body-fat reduction, as the reduced intake of carbohydrates and glucose forces the body to use the

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  • fat food

    How B vitamins influence your brain function

    09th March 2015

    Just like carbohydrates are required for energy production and proteins are important for muscle growth and recovery, vitamins and minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of the human

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  • fat food

    Why you should add more fat to your menu

    09th December 2014

    Until a couple of years ago, low-fat diets were promoted and generally accepted as the best weight loss solutions, however since the Paleo diet started to increase in popularity,

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  • balance hormones naturally

    Tips for Balancing Hormones Naturally

    26th November 2014

    Hormones are chemicals produced inside the body, which travel through the blood stream and regulate the activity of certain organs They’re essential for our everyday activities, as depending on

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  • Low-Carb vs. Low-Calorie Diets for Weight Loss

    27th July 2014

    Low-calorie diets limit the intake of food to 1,200-1,500 kcal per day, depending on the guidelines you follow or on the regimen you prefer Low-carb diets on the other

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  • Gluten-Free Vegan Diets, Potential Solution for Rheumatoid Arthritis

    30th June 2014

    When we refer to arthritis, we tend to identify it with pain and inflammation of the joints However, this term is used to define a group of diseases, and

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  • Baking, Boiling, Steaming or Frying? How Cooking Affects Nutrients

    12th May 2014

    The Paleo diet was one of the hottest trends last year, but 2014 seems to be the year of raw food, more and more people joining the no-cooking revolution

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  • Elimination Diets Aren't Always the Solution for Better Health

    29th April 2014

    When it comes to healthy diet recommendations, most of us expect to hear what to eat and in what amounts in order to maintain their weight and well-being

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  • Losing Fat on a Keto Regimen – Safe or Not?

    19th March 2014

    Much appreciated by bodybuilders and gym rats, the ketogenic regimen and lifestyle owes its popularity to the impressive results one can obtain in terms of fat loss, muscle mass

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  • is gluten bad for health

    Is Giving Up Grains the Key to a Healthier Body?

    13th March 2014

    With the increasing popularity of the Paleo and clean eating trends, it comes as no surprise that more and more people decide to remove grains from their diets Breads,

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  • Fuel Your Body Correctly to Avoid Weight Gain

    16th February 2014


    Did you ever wonder why most weight loss programs recommend scheduling dinner around 7 pm or even earlier? Because eating at night is fattening, right? Well not exactly –

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