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  • Whole body vibration in the treatment of scoliosis

    Whole body vibration in the treatment of scoliosis

    30th September 2016

    In a previous article, we talked about the main spinal deformities that affect adults and their causes and symptoms, and we showed that in some cases the treatment

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    Vibration exercises increase sprint performance in ice hockey players

    21st September 2016

    Post-activation potentiation (PAP) is a training method used by athletes for improving performance, and consists in using intense exercise as preconditioning before the actual game or competition

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  • vibration-therapy-hypermobile-joints

    Using vibration therapy in BJHS (benign joint hypermobility syndrome)

    24th August 2016

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  • My physician doesn't know about WBV. Should I still do it?

    My physician doesn’t know about WBV. Should I still do it?

    07th June 2016

    Despite the increasing popularity of whole body vibration machines, there are still health and fitness professionals who haven’t tried this form of physical activity and therapy, and are unfamiliar

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  • Vibration-training-for-athletes-good-idea-or-too-much

    Vibration training for athletes: good idea or too much?

    04th June 2016

    The risk of overtraining is higher in professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts who spend weeks and even months without taking any break to from workouts, to allow their body

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  • kids-toe-walking-whole-body-vibration

    Kids with toe walking, short-term improvements after WBV

    07th May 2016

    A gait abnormality that affects children, toe walking is defined as a condition where a kid walks on his toes, without putting weight on his heels or other

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  • The use of WBV therapy in kids - what science says

    The use of WBV therapy in kids – what science says

    19th December 2015

    Should children be allowed to use a whole body vibration machine? Is WBV therapy safe for kids, or is it better to keep them away from vibrating platforms? Let’s

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  • reasons-try-whole-body-vibration

    10 reasons you should try whole body vibration training

    23rd July 2015

    Whole body vibration training is one of the hottest forms of physical activity out there, not only because it significantly reduces the time spent exercising, but also because

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  • wbv-metabolic-syndrome

    Vibration therapy benefits people with metabolic syndrome [Study]

    16th July 2015

    Whole body vibration activates the muscles in a way that induces improvements in strength and power performance, these improvements being similar to those observed with strength training,

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  • People who lack stamina for conventional exercise can switch to WBV

    15th May 2015

    When it comes to physical activities, the general recommendation for maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the risk of ailment is to practice 30 minutes of exercise per day,

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  • knee OA

    Should you train on a vibration machine if you have knee OA?

    16th April 2015

    Researchers at the King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA have recently published a systematic review and meta-analysis paper proving the therapeutic effects of vibration exercises in knee osteoarthritis sufferers

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  • wbv cerebral palsy

    [Study] Whole body vibration exercises normalize muscle tone and function in kids with cerebral palsy

    27th January 2015

    The term cerebral palsy (CP) is used to define a number of conditions that affect the control of movement due to brain damage Usually occurring in kids aged

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  • vibration training effects

    New Research on the Effects of Vibration Training

    25th November 2014

    New studies show potential applications of vibration exercise in kids with disabilities, patients with fatty liver disease and postmenopausal women with osteoporosis

    Whole body vibration therapy in disabled

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  • whole body vibration flexibility

    [New Studies] Effects of Whole Body Vibration on muscle strength, balance and flexibility

    14th October 2014

    The latest studies on Whole Body Vibration show, once again, that this form of physical activity can successfully replace conventional exercise and be used for rehabilitation purposes

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