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  • 7 whole body vibration exercises for lower back pain

    7 whole body vibration exercises for lower back pain

    14th November 2016

    According to the 2011-2012 National Health Survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 3 million Australians suffer from back problems, representing around 13% of the

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  • hypervibe-whole-body-vibration-routine-for-balance

    Whole body vibration advanced balance routine (10 minutes)

    09th October 2016

    Approximately one third of seniors aged 65 years and above fall at least once a year, and up to 1/5 of them suffer multiple falls which lead to painful

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  • whole-body-vibration-exercises-for-waist-and-back-muscles

    Whole body vibration exercises for your waist and back muscles

    01st October 2016

    Office jobs can have a major impact on your body and overall health, some of the health hazards caused by a sedentary lifestyle and too much sitting including decreased

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  • Not-into-aerobic-exercises-Get-the-same-results-with-WBV

    Not into aerobic exercises? Get the same results with WBV!

    17th August 2016

    If hitting the gym each and every day for a 1-hour aerobic session isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can forget about gym memberships and invest in a

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  • 8 whole body vibration exercises for better blood flow

    8 whole body vibration exercises for better blood flow

    18th June 2016

    In a previous article we detailed 10 signs of poor circulation, and showed that the entire body is affected when the blood flow is impaired The lower body

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  • Whole body vibration machine exercise chart – Core strength

    12th May 2016

    Our series of whole body vibration machine exercise articles continues with a WBV training program for the core muscles If you prefer to start with another body area,

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  • Whole-body-vibration-exercise-tips-for-beginners

    Whole body vibration exercise tips for beginners

    18th April 2016

    One of the best things you can do before starting to use a whole body vibration machine to transform your body is research

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  • Drop-a-dress-size-with-Hypervibe-Whole-Body-Vibration-exercises

    Drop a dress size with Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration exercises

    07th April 2016

    The workout below is created to help you drop a dress size with Hypervibe whole body vibration exercises, by reducing your body fat percentage and reshaping

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  • 7-rules-for-exercising-safely-on-the-Hypervibe-WBV-machine

    7 rules for exercising safely on the Hypervibe WBV machine

    03rd April 2016

    People who are new to whole body vibration and try the Hypervibe platforms for the first time may think these machines aren’t safe for long-term use, because of the

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  • vibration machine morning routine

    Vibration machine exercises – morning routine

    15th March 2016

    Exercising in the morning can be an amazing way to start your day, but not everyone is eager to wake up and hit the gym at 6 am If

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  • Whole body vibration exercises for the elderly

    26th October 2015

    Setting up a workout area for seniors who want to exercise at home doesn’t have to require a lot of investment in equipment With a whole body vibration machine,

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  • Sculpt-your-arms-and-thighs-with-whole-body-vibration-exercises

    Sculpt your arms and thighs with whole body vibration exercises

    17th August 2015

    You don’t have to be overweight to have your insecurities when it comes to body shape and weight Even the fittest people out there have their bad days, and

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  • wbv routine intermediate

    Full body whole body vibration routine – intermediate level

    17th June 2015

    Whole body vibration training is a safe and effective method to stimulate the entire body and get in shape at home, with minimum time investment This form of

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  • wbv-aerobic

    Whole body vibration training increases energy consumption in aerobic exercise

    08th May 2015

    The influence of whole body vibration exercises on one’s overall health and fitness level has been intensely investigated, in most cases the results being positive and proving

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  • whole body vibration machine exercises

    How to mix WBV exercises for maximum results

    02nd May 2015

    If you want to double your exercise results, you don’t have to increase the length of your workouts or to spend 1 hour per day doing the same movements

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