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  • Vibrating-Platform-Weight-Loss-Myths-–-What’s-True-and-What’s-Not

    Vibrating Platform Weight Loss Myths – What’s True and What’s Not?

    04th March 2016

    Vibrating platform weight loss continues to be a controversial topic, and one of the main reasons there are so many misconceptions surrounding this topic is the misleading information that

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  • wbv-weight-loss

    Is the whole body vibration weight loss effect real?

    18th November 2015

    For someone who’s not very familiar with vibration machines and their health and fitness benefits, the whole body vibration weight loss effect may sound too good to be true

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  • what-is-irisin

    Exploring the myth of irisin: does this weight-loss hormone exist?

    13th August 2015

    Every now and then the fitness scene is rocked by a new discovery that promises to rewrite the rules of weight loss and to solve virtually all problems caused

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  • Low-Carb vs. Low-Calorie Diets for Weight Loss

    27th July 2014

    Low-calorie diets limit the intake of food to 1,200-1,500 kcal per day, depending on the guidelines you follow or on the regimen you prefer Low-carb diets on the other

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  • Losing Fat on a Keto Regimen – Safe or Not?

    19th March 2014

    Much appreciated by bodybuilders and gym rats, the ketogenic regimen and lifestyle owes its popularity to the impressive results one can obtain in terms of fat loss, muscle mass

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