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  • Vibration machine training can increase lumbar bone density in women

    Vibration machine training can increase lumbar bone density in women

    17th December 2016

    The peak bone mass and size are achieved around the age of 20 years, but after this age the bone turnover becomes slower, and the self-regeneration and remodeling of

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  • The health benefits of long-term vibration exercises

    The health benefits of long-term vibration exercises

    03rd November 2016

    Although different than conventional weight lifting or body weight exercises, whole body vibration is still a form of strength training, and studies have shown that the effects of this

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  • Not-into-aerobic-exercises-Get-the-same-results-with-WBV

    Not into aerobic exercises? Get the same results with WBV!

    17th August 2016

    If hitting the gym each and every day for a 1-hour aerobic session isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can forget about gym memberships and invest in a

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  • Whole body vibration exercises can counter the loss of muscle strength

    Whole body vibration exercises may counter the loss of muscle strength

    21st March 2016

    Dynapenia is the term used for defining the loss of muscle strength associated with aging, which is not caused by neurologic or muscular diseases It is different from

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  • Two-ways-whole-body-vibration-can-benefit-men

    Two ways whole body vibration can benefit men

    20th March 2016

    Although women are more likely to choose whole body vibration over conventional strength exercises, this form of training is also suitable for men

    Studies have showed that exercising

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  • New study finds WBV therapy beneficial in cerebral palsy

    21st October 2015

    Cerebral palsy affects 17 million people worldwide, 34000 Australians living with this condition The term is used when referring to a group of non-progressive disorders of posture and movement

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  • arthritis-wbv

    How WBV can improve the health of arthritis sufferers

    19th October 2015

    In a previous article, we discussed the causes and mechanisms of arthritis, and showed that this inflammatory condition affects one or more joints, being more common in the

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  • Long-term vibration exercises may be helpful to multiple sclerosis patients

    08th October 2015

    Multiple sclerosis affects about 23,000 Australians, being more common in women than in men (3:1 ratio) Usually diagnosed between the ages of 20 and

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  • Vibration platform exercises may be helpful in post-stroke rehabilitation

    06th October 2015

    Stroke may affect the body in different ways, some people experiencing minor health effects, while others are left with serious health problems

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  • seniors-balance-wbv

    Seniors can improve their balance with vibration exercises

    02nd October 2015

    Balance problems and falls are common in the elderly, and are a major cause of fractures in this population They are associated with increased morbidity and a lower quality

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  • whole-body-vibration-antiinflammatory

    Whole body vibration exercises, anti-inflammatory effects in the elderly

    10th August 2015

    Aging and inflammation are linked, this natural process resulting in low-grade inflammation that is not disabling in itself, but can make one more prone to disease, and impair their

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  • reasons-try-whole-body-vibration

    10 reasons you should try whole body vibration training

    23rd July 2015

    Whole body vibration training is one of the hottest forms of physical activity out there, not only because it significantly reduces the time spent exercising, but also because

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  • whole-body-vibration-machines-pros-cons

    Whole body vibration machines pros and cons

    20th July 2015

    Whole body vibration machines pros and cons should be thoroughly analyzed before buying a vibration plate, as there are several aspects that are not visible at first

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  • wbv-aerobic

    Whole body vibration training increases energy consumption in aerobic exercise

    08th May 2015

    The influence of whole body vibration exercises on one’s overall health and fitness level has been intensely investigated, in most cases the results being positive and proving

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  • knee OA

    Should you train on a vibration machine if you have knee OA?

    16th April 2015

    Researchers at the King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA have recently published a systematic review and meta-analysis paper proving the therapeutic effects of vibration exercises in knee osteoarthritis sufferers

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