All the Fitness Accessories You Need for the Perfect Workout

No Hypervibe vibration machine is complete without an accessories pack and step platform / mat combo.


Do you have clients who are new to fitness? Maybe they have a history of injuries and surgeries, and they need a low-impact environment. Or maybe your clients are looking for a new challenge in their Hypervibe workout. The step platform and mat provide a greater range of exercises while offering protection from high-impact movements. Easy to wash and care for, this combo is highly recommended for all experience levels.

G10 and G14 Specifications

  • Mat Size:
    548mm(w)X 350mm(d) X 19mm(h) / 21.6in(w) X 13.8in(d) X .75in(h)
  • Step Size:
    548mm(w)X 350mm(d) X 150mm(h) / 21.6in(w) X 13.8in(d) X 5.9in(h)

G17 Specifications

  • Mat Size:
    548mm(w)X 350mm(d) X 19mm(h) / 21.6in(w) X 13.8in(d) X .75in(h)
  • Step Size:
    548mm(w)X 350mm(d) X 200mm(h) / 21.6in(w) X 13.8in(d) X 7.9in(h)

Resistance Bands

What makes a great resistance band? Strength, durability, and results. Hypervibe resistance bands are a favorite of physical therapists because of their ability to increase muscle stimulation without the risk of injury. Our heavy-duty loop resistance bands work for seasoned athletes as much as they do for therapy patients suffering from leg, knee, and back injuries.

Size: 5 x 30cm / 1.97 x 11.81 in
Material: TPE

Resistance Tube

Get intense with resistance tubes! While similar to resistance bands, tubes provide a more focused and concentrated amount of resistance to a specific area. These tubes come in various color-coordinated resistance levels, and they can be used for a wide range of exercises. They easily attach to your Hypervibe machine, so you can make sure your customers hit every muscle group or just the ones that need more attention during workouts.

Resistance: 4.54, 6.80, 9.07, 11.34, and 13.61kgs / 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30lbs
Material: TPE


Hypervibe’s fitness ball is the perfect tool for strengthening core muscles while improving balance and flexibility. This ball is incredibly durable, so you don’t have to worry about it bursting even during the toughest workouts.

Diameter: 25cm / 9.84 in
Material: Rubber


As a fitness business owner, you already know that ALL movement originates from your core, making it an essential area to target. This is especially true for clients who are going through rehab or are trying to break out of a sedentary lifestyle. Core sliders can be used with a Hypervibe vibration machine to provide a low-impact workout that targets all of the muscles in the core.

Diameter: 17.8cm / 7.01 in
Material: PVC foam & ABS plastic

Yoga Mat

Our extra-thick mat is as soft as it is durable. It’s also slip-resistant, making it a safe fitness accessory for your customers. You can incorporate the Hypervibe yoga mat into your client’s fitness program, especially during movements where the body needs extra cushioning. It’s ideal for both yoga postures and Hypervibe exercises.

Size: 1830 x 610 x 10mm / 72.05 x 24.02 x 0.39 in
Material: TPE foam


This high-density foam roller is the key to effective self-myofascial release (SMR), providing your clients with relief for common aches, pains, and trigger points. Its durable construction can handle maximum pressure without losing shape or breaking. Pair this with a client’s post-workout routine for maximum relief and results.

Size: 60 x 15cm / 23.62 x 5.91 in
Material: EVA foam

Why Choose HyperVibe?

Whole-body vibration is finally becoming commonplace in commercial practices and studios, so why is it that Hypervibe has been the chosen brand by companies like Google and Men’s Health?


Hypervibe has more Independent Medical, Fitness & Certified Engineering approvals than any other brand in the market! Feel confident and assured that your machine is world-class in safety, quality, material and training.


We can talk studies and numbers all day, but it comes down to this: Who is using the G10 MINI V2? Hypervibe whole-body vibration machines, including the G10, are trusted by the team at Google, Men’s Health, and the Wall Street Journal, just to name a few clients. e-body vibration machine that’s only used by a handful of people? Not at all! The G25 and all Hypervibe products are being used by the staff at Google, Men’s Health Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and many more well-known businesses.

Lifetime Support

Once you purchase a Hypervibe product, you’re a part of the family. That means unlimited VIP support with a direct phone number to a Hypervibe expert. Are you in a different time zone? Not to worry, our 24/7 email helpdesk will always be there to help you with your questions and concerns.

Optimize Your Vibration
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