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An elite-level vibration machine for gym owners who are serious about offering the best to their customers The G25 is a commercial-grade vibration machine designed for high-volume fitness facilities. From athletes to the elderly, the G25 is effective and safe for all types of clients.

  • Elite-level construction – Perfect for daily use in a high-traffic gym
  • Over 100 on-screen video exercise demonstrations
  • G-Force Rating: Up to 25G – Great for all types of fitness goals
  • Weight loss – 35% more weight loss compared to cardios
  • Gain 58% muscle strength in just 8 weeks


12 industry certification

Expert Training & Support

Proven Business Model


We saw right away that the (Hypervibe) Galaxy was having over 3 times the amount of use than our old machines. The moment you get on the machines, you feel the difference and impact.

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The Global Leaders in Whole Body Vibration

A long-term investment in your fitness business that you can rely on.

The elite commercial-grade design sets the G25 apart from other Hypervibe machines, but even more so from the competition.

The G25 provides 600% more muscle stimulation than the industry average. That’s six times more muscle stimulation than other vibration machines on the market.

This is a dramatic difference. It can mean better results with weight loss, muscle strength, and muscle growth in far less time.

With over 100 video exercise demonstrations and 40 therapist-designed personal training programs, you can focus on your fitness business. Don’t worry about wracking your brain for customized workouts.

Despite the enormous power of this machine and its tough-as-nails design, the G25 is still focused on a comfortable and gentle experience for the user.

The G25 is based on pivotal whole-body vibration, which maximizes the benefits of muscle stimulation without the excessive head vibration found in linear-based vibration machines. It also complements the human movement system, allowing your client’s hips to work independently of one another.

The G25 has more than enough power for the toughest athletes and a design that can handle the busiest gyms. And yet, it’s gentle, safe, and enjoyable.

Why Choose HyperVibe?

What makes Hypervibe the best-selling vibration machine in the industry? When you buy a Hypervibe
machine, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality and efficiency backed by science.


As a commercial-grade machine, the G25 is built for high-volume fitness centers, making it a step above most other vibration devices that are designed for home use only. No matter if you have an old school, locals-only gym, or a fast-paced, mega-gym, the G25 is ready to help your clients and improve your fitness business.


Whole-body pivotal vibration machines have been scientifically shown to help with a variety of fitness goals such as weight reduction and muscular strength. Want to see the evidence? Click here to review our complete library of studies.


Did you know that in order to experience the benefits of whole-body vibration, you’ll need a machine that produces a G-force rating of no less than 10G? Unfortunately, most vibration plate machines don’t come close to this, which means the gym owner AND the client are wasting both time and money. The G25 provides up to 25G – six times the industry average!



Hypervibe is one of the most certified machines on the market! To name just a few, ETL, NASM, and AFAA have all granted approval for the G25. It’s also registered with the FDA.


Is the G25 a whole-body vibration machine that’s only used by a handful of people? Not at all! The G25 and all Hypervibe products are being used by the staff at Google, Men’s Health Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and many more well-known businesses.

Lifetime Support

When you’re ready to invest in Hypervibe equipment for your business, we’ll be there with you for the life of the product. You'll have unlimited VIP support with a direct phone number to a Hypervibe specialist. You'll also get exclusive access to our 24/7 email helpdesk.


We’re so confident in every Hypervibe vibration machine we send you that we offer an unmatched two-year FREE service warranty along with a flexible 90 day returns policy. Try the G25 without worrying about whether your investment is covered.


The G25 is one of the easiest vibration plate machines to operate. Aside from an almost non-existent learning curve, you and your clients will enjoy over 40 therapist-designed fitness programs and 100 exercise video demonstrations.

Fitness Goals the Hypervibe Can Help With

Weight loss

Around the world, weight reduction still remains as the top fitness goal. Hypervibe can make weight loss easier for both the business owner, trainer, and client. According to studies, pivotal-based whole-body vibration can aid in weight loss by 35% MORE than conventional cardio. The G25 can also help to reduce cellulite!

Muscle Strength

Strength is important to everyone, no matter their age and goals. Whether you’re young and training for a sport, or older and trying to reduce your risk for injury, strength matters. The G25 can help to significantly improve strength. Depending on the fitness level, studies show that whole-body vibration machines can increase a client’s strength up to 50%!


The G25 can help clients regain their independence and say goodbye to chronic pain. Studies show that just two minutes per day on a whole-body vibration machine is all it takes for to help people with disabilities, such as arthritis or back problems, postural deficiencies from sitting at desks all day long without interruption, and those who want to regain their independence.

What Type of Fitness Business Is the G25 Ideal For?

The G25 Galaxy is ideal for the following fitness business owners:

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High-traffic fitness facility owners

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Fitness studio owners

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Health club owners

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Private coaches and personal trainers

Product Specifications

Frequency Range 5 – 40Hz
Amplitude 8mm
G-Force Range 0.1g – 25g
Platform movement Pivotal
Platform Size (in) 30.5in(w) x 22.2in(d) / 775mm(w) x 565mm(d)
Machine Size (in) 30.5in(w) x 32.2in(d) x 53.3in(h) / 775mm(w) x 818mm(d) x 1355mm(h)
Machine weight 270lbs/123kgs
Maximum user weight 550lbs/250kgs
Touch Screen 9in
Resistance Band None
Connectivity Bluetooth + Wi-Fi
Features Industrial AC Motor

Ready to get the G25 in your training facility?