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Increase your skills and help your clients or patients discover the benefits of whole-body vibration.

Developed by Rockell Williamson-Rudder, Hypervibe’s International Program Director and based on over 13 years of Hypervibe’s WBV science you will learn everything you need to safely teach a client or patient how to use a vibration platform.

By enrolling you will get

  • A self-paced, 16-hours of comprehensive online video training.
  • A 226-page hard copy manual for easy reference. This manual covers every aspect of WBV for both athletic and recovery programs. You will learn techniques to improve specific parts of the body, and it includes over 100 exercises.
  • An online video library for every exercise in the manual to help you build out client and patient programming.
  • Instant access to updated content as soon as it becomes available. We’re continuously building the library with new videos.
  • Access to the exclusive global instructor support group page. Rockell and her team are there to support you and answer any questions. You’ll receive prompt responses.
  • New techniques on how to advance and modify exercises keep your classes interesting. Your clients will feel the difference.
  • A Hypervibe Certified Trainer Certificate to proudly display in your office
    Downloadable marketing materials plus invitations to exclusive ongoing education workshops.
  • Monthly Instructor Newsletter so we can keep you abreast of this exciting industry.

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who Is Eligible to Become Certified?

Whether you are a Yoga or Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer, or other types of a Fitness Professionals in the Health and Wellness Sector our Foundation Traning Certification is a great way for you to expand your skills and offer your clients new innovative ways to achieve their goals. As a certified vibration trainer, you will be able to enhance your existing programs for your clients with this unique offering.

However, this WBV certification is not limited only to fitness professionals!
It is a perfect fit for Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and any other Healthcare Professionals who want to offer their patients innovative highly effective treatments with the science-backed results of  Whole Body Vibration.

How a Hypervibe wbv Certification Helps You

WBV benefits people in almost every area of physical development, therapy, and rehabilitation. From sports to geriatric treatments to weight loss, vibration platforms work where other methods may not have provided success.

As a certified trainer, you’ll become recognized as a leader in your therapy field. Your clients or patients will achieve faster results, sometimes 3x faster, over non-WBV therapy.

Having this certification will boost your value in five ways:

1. Gain a Competitive Advantage – You’ll have specialized training that will set you apart when pursuing new business.

2. Increase Efficiency – The knowledge you gain from the Hypervibe Foundation Training course will amplify your teaching skills and the efficiency in achieving more with clients in a shorter time.

3. Increase Earning Potential – One study revealed people with additional certifications earn from 20% to 40% more than the same group having only one. Offer WBV classes or private sessions for additional revenue.

4. Expand Knowledge and Skills – By acquiring updated industry information and techniques, you’ll add more value to your clients. They will experience faster results.

5. Build Professional Credibility – A Hypervibe WBV Certification demonstrates your commitment as a professional. You uphold industry standards and continue learning.

Who Is Eligible to Become Certified?

A Whole Body Vibration Certification is the shortest path to elevate your career to the next level. You can offer unique, new classes for additional revenue.

If you are concerned that you don't use Hypervibe equipment at your facility, that's OK. Hypervibe training is open to any trainer using any vibration platform.

The certification is for whole-body vibration training and techniques. It is valid for any vibration platform capable of producing a minimum of 2Gs of acceleration. Neither you nor your client's need Hypervibe branded equipment. You can guide your client on any WBV machine regardless of the brand.

Our course costs much less than the top four personal trainer certifications. The price is $499. However, we are running a launch promotion for a limited time. Order now, and you will get everything for just $200.

Don't have time to take this training course? We understand. That's why we've created an on-demand video format. You can train at your convenience. In all, there are about 16 hours of videos you'll need to watch.

The ultimate Investment

Enhance your clients experience with your WBV certification and set your business apart with a new and unique offering.

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And… if your clients don’t yet have a vibration platform, consider becoming an Affiliate for Hypervibe.

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