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G17 PRO V2

An Easier and Affordable Way to Help Your Clients See Better Results Provide your clients with the safest and most effective way to build muscle, increase bone density, and reduce body fat.

  • Based on pivotal vibration
  • 187% reduction in head vibration compared to linear vibration
  • Weight loss – 35% more weight loss compared to cardio
  • Gain 58% muscle strength in just 8 weeks
  • Ideal for elderly clients and those going through rehabilitation


12 industry certification

Expert Training & Support

Proven Business Model


We use Hypervibe on almost every patient that comes into our practice… It helps tremendously with back pain, muscle spasms, vertigo, balance, and posture, and supports the strengthening of muscles and the pelvic floor.

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Boost Client Results – Boost Your Business

The G17 will make your life easier because it will make your client’s life better.

The G17 is based on pivotal whole-body vibration, not linear vibration. Unlike linear vibration machines, the G17 is designed to complement the human movement system, allowing your client’s hips to work independently of one another.

Pivotal vibration also maximizes the benefits of muscle stimulation without the excessive head vibration found in linear-based vibration machines. Studies show that the G17 produces 400% more muscle stimulation promoting weight loss, muscle strength, and neuromuscular connections.

Word of mouth is still the most effective way to market yourself. When your clients see the results they’re able to achieve with you and the G17, word will get out. Don’t be surprised when you see a boost in consultations and sessions.

The G17 isn’t going to be another piece of equipment you throw in the closet and never use you’re your clients – We guarantee this will become one of your most popular pieces of equipment.

Why Choose HyperVibe?

What’s so special about Hypervibe? Why should you spend money from your business on a Hypervibe vibration machine when you could easily grab one for a fraction of the cost at a low-cost chain store?


The G17 is a commercial-grade machine, not a home-use machine. That’s a critical difference. Commercial-grade machines are built to take serious punishment and to be used hundreds of times every day. All Hypervibe machines and products are commercial-grade equipment, ensuring they will work efficiently for many years to come.


Scientific studies have successfully demonstrated that whole-body pivotal vibration machines can effectively support a number of fitness goals such as weight loss and muscle strength. Want to see the proof? Click here to check out our entire collection of studies.


When it comes to vibration plate machines, you get what you pay for. In order to activate the numerous benefits of whole-body vibration, you need a G-force rating of no less than 10G. Those home-use machines don’t even scratch the surface. The G17 has been shown to provide up to 17G – 4 times the industry average! This is more than enough for clients to see incredible results faster.


Hypervibe is one of the most industry-certified machines on the market! The G17 was approved by the ETL, NASM, and AFAA to name a few. It’s also registered with the FDA. (Click here for a full list!) The G17 is a machine that is setting the bar in safety, quality, and reliability.


Studies and verifications aside, who exactly is using the G17 PRO V2? You can let your clients know that they are using the same machine that is trusted by the staff at Google, Men’s Health Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and many more.

Lifetime Support

Once you invest in the G17 PRO V2, you and your fitness business will be a part of the Hypervibe Family for life! That means unlimited VIP support with a direct phone number to a Hypervibe expert. You’ll also have exclusive access to our 24/7 email helpdesk.


The G17 PRO V2 is built to be tough as nails, but if you think that you need a second opinion on your machine, we’ll be there with our unmatched two-year FREE service warranty. We also offer a flexible 90 day returns policy. If your clients don’t fall in love with the G17 PRO V2 and their results, you can send it back to us within 90 days.


The G17 might be a state-of-the-art vibration machine, but it doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to use it. You’ll quickly and confidently learn how to use and operate the G17, and you’ll be able to teach your clients to do the same.


Having writer’s block when creating safe and appropriate exercise programs for your clients? The G17 has you covered. Enjoy our touchscreen-training with 40 therapist-designed programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Your clients can even keep track of their results with the Hypervibe app for smart phones.

Fitness Goals the Hypervibe Can Help With


Weight loss is still the number one fitness goal across the globe. Studies show that pivotal-based whole-body vibration can help your clients lose 35% MORE weight than cardio. The G17 also helps to reduce cellulite!

Muscle Strength

Imagine helping your clients get 58% stronger in just 8 short weeks. Gravitational load training through high vibration has been shown to increase both strength and power. One study found that it only took four minutes per day on a vibration machine for elderly subjects to skyrocket their strength levels by over 50%!


Whether you’re working with an elderly client, someone going through rehab, or an individual with chronic pain, the last thing you want them to do is live a sedentary lifestyle. At the same time, it can be tough to push through that discomfort to exercise. That’s where the G17 can help. Studies show that just two minutes per day on a whole-body vibration machine can help clients regain their independence and say goodbye to chronic pain.

What Type of Fitness Business Is The G17 Ideal For?

The G17 PRO V2 is ideal for the following fitness business owners:

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Physical therapists

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Private coaches and personal trainers

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Fitness studio owners

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Health club owners

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Corporate wellness coaches

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Frequency Range 5 – 35Hz
Amplitude 7mm
G-Force Range 0.1g – 17g
Platform Movement Pivotal
Platform Size 21.1in(w) x 13.2in(d) / 535mm(w) x 335mm(d)
Machine Size 28.2in(w) x 32.2in(d) x 53.4in(h) / 715mm(w) x 818mm(d) x 1355 mm(h)
Machine Weight 182lbs/83kgs
Maximum User Weight 440lbs/200kgs
Touch Screen 9in
Resistance Band Rigid (Adjustable length)
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Features QuickFix Twist-Lock Anchor System

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