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Compact Vibration Machine for Small Fitness BusinessesPerfect for the studio fitness space owner who has to juggle between several types of classes, the G10 is just as effective as the larger models at a fraction of the cost and weight.

  • Compact and easy to move – Minimal time needed between classes
  • Based on pivotal vibration – 187% reduction in head vibration
  • Weight loss – 35% more weight loss compared to cardio
  • Gain 58% muscle strength in just 8 weeks
  • Ideal for smaller fitness studios with multiple class offerings as well as mobile personal trainers


12 industry certification

Expert Training & Support

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Hypervibe has offered a variation on a barre class that delivers amazing results for clients in a shorter time period. We have had to increase the number of classes offers to keep up with demand!

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Small Machine – Big Results

All the benefits of larger Hypervibe models at a fraction of the size, weight, and cost.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the G10 MINI V2. It’s based on the same whole-body pivotal vibration as the larger models, but it’s incredibly compact, allowing you to easily move it around your fitness studio.

Unlike other models that are based on linear vibration, the G10 is designed to complement the human movement system using whole-body pivotal vibration. The difference is that the G10 allows your client’s hips to work independently of one another. This is going to feel more natural for them because it’s mimicking healthy functional movement patterns.

The G10 also produces 200% more muscle stimulation than the industry average. This heightened level of stimulation is exactly what’s going to make the difference between decent and great results. Enhanced muscle stimulation simultaneously promotes weight loss, muscle strength, and neuromuscular connections.

Do you need to be able to move equipment around to prep for upcoming classes and events? Not a problem!

The G10 is ideal for small-sized fitness studios and practices who offer classes or treatments focusing on whole-body vibration. As a compact vibration plate machine, the G10 can be moved around your studio and stored as needed.

Introduce new exercises and better results to your clients with the G10 MINI V2.

Why Choose HyperVibe?

Whole-body vibration is finally becoming commonplace in commercial practices and studios, so why is
it that Hypervibe has been the chosen brand by companies like Google and Men’s Health?


Whole-body vibration isn’t a pseudoscience – it’s a scientifically proven way to safely engage the body, promoting weight loss, muscle strength, lean tissue growth, and bone density, to name a few benefits. Check out all of the studies demonstrating the benefits of whole-body vibration machines.


Studies show that in order to see great results, whole-body vibration needs a G-force rating of no less than 10G to achieve the desired benefits. Anything below that just isn’t cutting it. While the G10 is a smaller, space-saving whole-body vibration machine, it provides twice the industry average! That’s 200% more muscle stimulation than other vibration machines.


Hypervibe is one of the most industry-certified machines on the market! The G10 was approved by the ETL, NASM, and AFAA to name a few. It’s also registered with the FDA. (Click here for a full list!) All Hypervibe products are setting the bar in safety, quality, and reliability.


We can talk studies and numbers all day, but it comes down to this: Who is using the G10 MINI V2? Hypervibe whole-body vibration machines, including the G10, are trusted by the team at Google, Men’s Health, and the Wall Street Journal, just to name a few clients.

Lifetime Support

Once you purchase a Hypervibe product, you’re a part of the family. That means unlimited VIP support with a direct phone number to a Hypervibe expert. Are you in a different time zone? Not to worry, our 24/7 email helpdesk will always be there to help you with your questions and concerns.

Industry-Leading Guarantee & Warranty

Hypervibe also offers one of the most impressive industry warranties. You’ll receive a two-year FREE service warranty with your new G10. What’s more, we’re so confident that you and your clients will love the G10 that we also provide you with a flexible 90-day return policy.


The G10 MINI V2 might seem like space-age technology, but it’s also one of the most user-friendly whole-body vibration plates on the market. There’s no learning curve with this machine. As soon as you get it, you can start using it.


As a fitness business owner, you probably have a To-Do List that is pages long. Sometimes, coming up with a program isn’t so easy when you have other things to worry about. That’s why we’ve included 40 therapist-designed programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. These are pre-programmed into your G10 vibration machine, which means they are ready to go.

Fitness Goals the Hypervibe Can Help With


Do most of your clients want to focus on fat loss and healthy weight management? Studies show that whole-body vibration can help your clients lose 35% MORE weight than cardio.

Muscle Strength

If you’re working with sedentary clients, it won’t necessarily be that simple for them to jump into a traditional weight training or cardiovascular program. The G10 can help to speed up their progress, helping to increase muscle strength in weeks, not years. One study found that subjects were 58% stronger in just 8 short weeks!


Reclaiming a sense of independence is the primary goal for elderly clients and those going through rehab or dealing with chronic pain. The increased low-impact muscle stimulation of whole-body vibration can help with chronic pain while increasing strength and bone density.

What Type of Fitness Business Is the G10 MINI V2 Ideal For?

The G10 MINI V2 is ideal for the following fitness business owners:

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Physical therapists

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Private coaches and personal trainers

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Fitness studio owners

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Health club owners

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Corporate wellness coaches

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Frequency Range 5 – 25Hz
Amplitude 8mm
G-Force Range 0.1g – 10g
Platform Movement Pivotal
Platform Size 25.8in(w) x 15.5in(d) / 655mm(w) x 395mm(d)
Machine Size 25.8in(w) x 15.5in(d) x 6in(h) / 655mm(w) x 395mm(d) x 150mm(h)
Machine Weight 59lbs/26.6kgs
Maximum User Weight 310lbs/140kgs
Touch Screen N/A
Resistance Band Elastic
Connectivity Bluetooth
Features Remote Control

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