Therapy Plates

The G SeriesWondering which vibration therapy platform is the right fit for your needs? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Below you will find a specially designed vibration plate comparison of all our products which will help you weigh the pros and cons of each of our whole body vibration therapy machines. All you have to do is review the key technical features of each vibration plate and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Compact Use


Clinic Use


High Traffic use
Frequency Range 5 - 25Hz 5 - 35Hz 5 - 40Hz
Amplitude 8mm 7mm 8mm
G-Force Range 0.1g - 10g 0.1g - 17g 0.1g - 25g
Platform Movement Pivotal Pivotal Pivotal
Platform Size 25.8in(w) x 15.5in(d) / 655mm(w) x 395mm(d) 21.1in(w) x 13.2in(d) / 535mm(w) x 335mm(d) 30.5in(w) x 22.2in(d) / 775mm(w) x 565mm(d)
Machine Size 25.8in(w) x 15.5in(d) x 6in(h) / 655mm(w) x 395mm(d) x 150mm(h) 28.2in(w) x 32.2in(d) x 53.4in(h) / 715mm(w) x 818mm(d) x 1355 mm(h) 30.5in(w) x 32.2in(d) x 53.3in(h) / 775mm(w) x 818mm(d) x 1355mm(h)
Machine Weight 59lbs/26.6kgs 182lbs/83kgs 270lbs/123kgs
Max User Weight 310lbs/140kgs 440lbs/200kgs 550lbs/250kgs
TouchScreen N/A 9in 9in
Resistance Band Elastic Rigid (Adjustable length) None
Connectivity Bluetooth Wi-Fi Bluetooth + Wi-Fi
Features Remote Control QuickFix Twist-Lock Anchor System Industrial AC Motor