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The Role of Whole Body Vibration in Self-Care, Hope and Healing

19th August 2019
The Role of Whole Body Vibration in Self-Care, Hope and Healing 1

I recently came across this meme: “If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.” This really hit home for me both personally and professionally. All too often, we don’t care for ourselves as diligently as we should. Who has the time when there is so much else to be done on a day to day basis? Aside from our health, time is our most precious commodity. We often place work, family obligations, social commitments, and other responsibilities above our well-being. How can we prioritize self-care when time is of the essence?
Time constraints are not the only reason that we neglect our health. Financial limitations, lack of motivation and even guilt over taking time for ourselves determine the amount of effort that we dedicate to self-care. Reflecting on my memories of working as a full-time physical therapist, I clearly recall how challenging it was to help people find ways to improve their exercise tolerance. At the time, I didn’t have access to whole body vibration. As I have witnessed its healing potential first-hand, I believe that it would have supported my patients in achieving their goals had I been given the opportunity to offer it.

I was introduced to whole body vibration at a very precarious time in my life. My health was suffering, and my function was very limited due to pain, weakness, and severe exhaustion. As I began to use my Hypervibe, the pain lessened, I gradually regained strength, and my endurance increased. My mood and energy level also improved, which were key factors in restoring my health. I have so much gratitude for finding this modality as it has elevated my quality of life. Ever since, I have been on a mission to share my experiences and the stories of other Hypervibe users as a testament to the transformative power of whole body vibration. I feel especially fortunate to be aligned with a company that is committed to promoting wellness worldwide.

Healing encompasses so many elements. Our traditional medical system tends to compartmentalize the mind and body. Those of us who work in health and wellness professions understand that these two components are deeply intertwined. Although we may not fully comprehend all of the intricacies of the mind-body connection, it is indeed very real and very powerful. Our physical, psychological and emotional states impact our ability to recover from injury and illness. The nervous system is wired to protect us, and the body subsequently learns to guard and shut down in times of crisis. When these responses become chronic, our health declines. In order to facilitate healing, we need to move in ways that innately feel good. Since traditional methods of exercise are not always feasible, especially for people with disabilities, it is important to be aware of other choices in order to accomplish this.

As we consider these ideas, there are other pertinent questions that we might ask. How do we define illness and wellness and how can we close the gaps between them? Is it possible to experience both simultaneously? Can we attain wellness when we are told that we are ill or when we view ourselves as such? Most importantly, how do we cultivate hope to turn our intentions to heal into reality? I pose all of these questions in an effort to shed light on our belief systems about what is possible with regard to healing.
There are countless individuals throughout the world who suffer from diseases that strain their quality of life. The loss of independence associated with these conditions takes an additional mental and emotional toll. Exercising may seem unrealistic or even impossible for anyone whose mobility or endurance is limited. Figuring out where to begin when one is de-conditioned can be daunting. I have always reinforced with my patients that they must start where they are and move forward from there. Whole body vibration is an ideal option to initiate and progress an exercise routine regardless of one’s fitness level or health status.

The path to actualizing wellness can be overwhelming. As a healthcare provider and as a patient myself, I have witnessed and experienced the feelings of frustration and hopelessness when the body fails to cooperate. Mobility is so important to the human experience; it is something that we all take for granted until we lose it. Over the years in my profession, I have been humbled to learn from all of my patients as we worked together to find creative solutions to ease their pain, improve their function, and renew their spirit. Whole body vibration presents so many clinical applications across rehabilitation settings. Practitioners are steadily becoming aware of this awesome technology, appreciating the many benefits as they integrate it into therapy programs. In addition to the more obvious physical effects of whole body vibration, its influence on emotional and mental well-being is quite fascinating.

Hope is crucial to healing. Believing that change is possible is the key to maintaining hope. Overcoming the psychological barriers to healing is just as important as conquering the physical ones. It is critical to provide the body with experiences that reinforce ease of movement in order to break the cycle of inactivity. This is especially true for anyone who lives with chronic pain. One of the reasons that I love whole body vibration so much is that it offers practical solutions to the issues that prevent people from exercising. Its efficiency facilitates compliance and it yields amazing results, even with brief periods of use.

An investment in our health is the most important one that we will ever make. A high- quality whole body vibration unit can be an integral part of that investment. Whole body vibration saves time and energy – and that is priceless. Fitness enthusiasts may utilize it as an adjunct to their gym routine while it may be a first step to maintaining an exercise regimen for those whose health is compromised. Regardless of where you are on the horizon, the decision to try whole body vibration is one that you won’t regret.

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