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7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Whole Body Vibration Machine

02nd January 2016
Hypervibe G10 Mini

Before you buy a whole body vibration machine, you should take the time to research this niche and learn how these devices work and why the prices vary so much. Some WBV platforms cost under 400$, while others exceed 3000$, and this huge price difference isn’t given only by design and user interface.

While it’s true that you can expect to pay more for a machine with a modern look and Bluetooth technology, it’s also true that some platforms look identical but have very different prices. To make sure you’re getting the vibration machine you pay for, you should ask a series of questions before making the purchase decision.

1. What is this type of vibration machine useful for?

Before you pay more than you need to on a whole body vibration machine that looks nice, ask the seller or the producer what that device is useful for, and ask for proof.

A lot of companies claim that their products are the best on the market, and pretend their machines can cure or prevent a multitude of conditions, but if you dig deeper you’ll see that those machines don’t have the technical parameters required for producing certain health and fitness effects.

You can learn more about the most important parameters of a vibration platform here: The most important factors to consider when choosing a whole body vibration machine

2. Are there other types of WBV platforms? What are the differences?

The seller/producer may try to sell you the most expensive model, so always ask if they have other types or models of vibration machines available. There are two basic types of vibrating platforms – pivotal and lineal, but models can vary from one producer to another. Some machines have towers (columns), others are smaller and created for home use only.

Before you purchase a vibrating machine, study the different models, take a look at the weight limit for each model, read reviews and analyze the technical parameters to make sure the platform you intend to buy can help you achieve the expected results.

Here you can learn more about the two types of WBV machines, and here you can see the different WBV machine models produced by Hypervibe.

3. Is this machine suitable for frequent use?

Just like other fitness devices, some vibration platforms are created for home use only, while others are more powerful and resistant and are designed for commercial use. If you purchase a machine for home, ask the producer if it’s built for frequent use, and what are the most common complaints from clients who bought the same model.

Some devices can only be used for 30 minutes in a row, so if you know the machine will be used by more people, or for a longer interval each day, it may be wise to opt for a more powerful model.

4. Is the WBV platform comfortable?

Although at first sight, it may be hard to tell the differences between vibration machines with similar designs, you’ll see those cheap models tend to be less comfortable. Before you buy a device, take a look at the materials the platform is made of, and test it.

The platform’s movement should be smooth, and you should be able to stand and squat on it comfortably. Make sure the distance to the machine’s handles is comfortable, that you see the full screen and controls when standing and squatting, and that the elastic cords supplied with the machine have the proper length for your height, or are adjustable.

5. Is this vibration machine good for my specific goal?

Some vibration machines are powerful enough to provide the same muscle stimulation as conventional strength exercises, but others don’t have the technical parameters for providing this level of stimulation, so the best you can get from them is a relaxing massage.

Before you invest in a vibrating plate, make sure to check the technical specifications and to ask what the machine can be used for. Devices that can reach a frequency of 45Hz can be used not only for fitness and massage but also for rehabilitation purposes. There are numerous medical applications for whole body vibration, so if you own a health or fitness center or work in a rehabilitation center, you may want to check this aspect as well.

Still, keep in mind that more powerful machines are usually more expensive, so if you’re looking for a device for home use, always mention the goals you hope to achieve by training on that machine. Some potential goals include strengthening your muscles and losing fat, getting more toned, improving lymphatic drainage and circulation, improving your balance and coordination, improving your flexibility, strengthening your bones and reducing the risk of fractures, and so on.

6. How powerful is the machine compared to the competition?

As said, some machines can look identical but have very different technical parameters. Before you invest in a device, research its competitors and compare the specifications and features, then analyze the price difference. You can also message the producers directly and ask them why you should buy from them and not from competitors, this way you’ll learn what makes those products unique and you’ll also get to test their customer support service.

7. Who can use this vibration platform?

Before you buy a whole body vibration platform, it’s recommended to learn about the contraindications and risks associated with these devices. In general, people with recent fractures or implants, those with chronic inflammatory diseases, as well as pregnant women are advised not to use vibration machines. Also, people with kidney stones and patients with stents should avoid using WBV plates.

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