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How to Start a Home Business With a Vibrating Machine

04th August 2014

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for new home business ideas or a fitness enthusiast searching for ways to monetize your passion, a vibrating machine can be the perfect tool for starting your own business and creating wealth.

As you probably know, a whole body vibration machine works by sending vibrations through the body, these energy waves stimulating muscle contractions and providing similar results to a strength training session. Moreover, WBV training increases bone density and circulation, improves balance and flexibility, improves coordination, enhances lymph flow and provides a thorough massage for tired muscles.

It’s a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for the upper or lower body, for strengthening the core area, improving your posture, and reversing the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

I’ve listed all these advantages to make it easier for you to understand why a vibrating machine can be a smart investment and the starting point of your home-based business.

5 key factors to consider when starting your vibrating machine-centered business


A body vibration machine is not a cheap tool; high-quality WBV platforms can be quite costly, but their features and health effects justify the price. Still, we won’t discuss costs here, as these vary a lot depending on the brand you choose, whether you want to rent a location or start the business at home, and so on. What we’ll do right now is analyze 5 crucial factors that need to be considered before starting a home-based business using one single vibrating machine.

1. People are reluctant to new things


Vibration machines are different from conventional gym machines, and lots of people are reluctant to try new things, so before starting your business, make sure you have enough potential clients in your area. If you only target people who want to get in shape faster, by spending less than 15 minutes per day exercising, you’re doing it wrong.

Elders, people with physical limitations, busy moms who want to strength train but don’t have enough time for that, or people who simply don’t like lifting but want to practice some form of physical activity for strengthening their muscles and bones, as well as people who are prone to retaining excess fluids and those who have sedentary lifestyles, all these are your potential clients.

If you start by explaining the benefits of WBV training for each category of people, you’re likely to give your business a boost from the start.

2. Focus on health, not on fitness benefits


Not all people are interested in fitness, and lots of individuals want to improve their overall health state, but without exercising. A vibrating machine has the advantage of allowing them to control the frequency and intensity of the training sessions so as to get the desired benefits: massage and tension relief, training, improved circulation and lymph drainage, improved stability or flexibility.

If you help them understand that body vibration machine training means more than stronger muscles, you’re likely to get them interested in your piece of equipment and your home-based business. Just invite them over to a cup of coffee and ask them if they would like to experience one of the benefits listed above without having to go to a gym, health center or beauty salon.

3. Consider the location and privacy issues


If you’re planning to start a home-based business, make sure you have a room that looks like an office. Placing the vibrating machine in your bedroom and asking for people to try it is not professional and won’t help you create an actual business. Moreover, your partner might not like the sudden lack of privacy, so even if it’s a home business, it still requires a professional-looking office.

4. Understand your product perfectly


It’s self-explanatory, but often neglected. Unless you understand your product perfectly and know exactly how a body vibration machine works, who is it suitable for and who should avoid this form of physical activity, which parameters are important and which aren’t, or why the prices vary so much, you won’t be able to explain these things to your potential clients. Would you trust a seller who’s not able to answer all your questions about his products?

5. Invest in a high quality vibrating machine

Perhaps the most important thing before starting a home-based business built around a body vibration machine is the quality of this tool. If you want people to come back and pay for using the machine, you need to offer them visible results, and in a short time. No one will pay you hundreds of dollars for several training sessions if there’s no visible improvement in their shape or health state after 3-4 sessions.

A high quality WBV platform that makes their muscles work hard, warms up the joints and muscles, relieves the tension, improves circulation and reduces swelling and accumulation of excess fluids is more likely to sell than a machine that only offers a relaxing feet massage.

If you want to target younger clients, a vibrating machine that can work as a less time-consuming alternative to strength training is what you need, and for this you need to purchase a model that can provide enough stimulation, or in other words, the right combination of G force, frequency and amplitude.

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