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Fitness Equipment for Building a Home Gym on a Budget

30th July 2015

Investing in exercise equipment is always a good idea if you want to stay healthy and maintain your weight without paying for gym memberships, but building a home gym when you’re on a budget can be quite challenging.

While it’s true that a professional gym requires a lot more than $5000, you can create a complex home workout room with this small investment if you do your research and choose only those fitness tools that provide the best value for money.

Minimum fitness equipment required for a home gym


The minimum fitness equipment required for a home gym that is ready to support both strength and cardio workouts includes: two sets of dumbbells, a barbell with two sets of weights (make sure these are heavier than the dumbbells and use the dumbbells for the arm workouts, and the barbell for deadlifts, chest presses, and squats), two elastic bands – one for the feet and one for the thighs, one pair of ankle weights, and abdominal bench and a body vibration machine.

Is it possible to purchase all these fitness tools for only $5000? For sure! The Hypervibe whole body vibration machines are affordable and perfect for a home gym. The G10 Mini body vibration machine is smaller – looks like an aerobic step in fact, so if you have room for that piece of equipment, you surely have enough space for the Mini Hypervibe machine as well. The price is more than convenient so this piece of fitness equipment is definitely a smart investment!

If you purchase a WBV machine, you no longer need to invest in conventional multifunctional fitness machines, as this tool is perfect for strength workouts. However it is always recommended to mix machine exercises with free weights movements, so this is why I advise you to buy some dumbbells, ankle weights, and resistance bands even if you own a WBV machine already.

Given below are some additional tips for building a home gym with minimum equipment.

Tips for building a home gym with minimum investment


You may not be willing to invest in an expensive treadmill, but you still need enough space for a bigger fitness machine, such as a whole body vibration machine, as this tool can shape and strengthen your body faster than bodyweight exercises alone.

A body vibration machine increases the load on muscles and bones, making you burn more calories while doing simple movements like squats, push-ups, planks, or step-ups. Similarly, the elliptical trainer can boost calorie consumption, as it works the big muscles in the lower body and your heart at the same time.

Another piece of equipment that requires more space is the abdominal bench, which can also be used for working the upper body, so if you have only $5000 for example, you can choose either the body vibration platform and the abdominal bench, or the elliptical and the abs bench.

If you’re serious about putting on lean mass and slimming down, you need at least two pairs of dumbbells, one lighter and one heavier, to avoid injuries if you’re just starting a fitness routine. As your muscles get stronger you can switch to the heavier dumbbells, or you can invest in a bar and two sets of weights for a barbell.

Both dumbbells and barbells are extremely useful for upper and lower body workouts. They can help you build a bigger chest, back, arms, and leg muscles, and can tone your abs and glutes as well, as they make your body work against a higher resistance force and burn more calories.

A homemade dip station can be very useful for training the chest, back and arms, and is a lot more affordable than professional equipment. For cardio workouts, a skipping rope is an extremely affordable piece of equipment that can do wonders for your heart and body. Finally, an aerobic step and an exercise mat can be useful for aerobic and flexibility exercises that increase the heart rate, improve your flexibility and help you relax after the tough strength and cardio workouts.

Have other suggestions for building a home gym with minimum equipment? Comment below or join our Facebook community and share your thoughts with us!

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