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Vibrating Platform Weight Loss Myths – What’s True and What’s Not?

04th March 2016

Vibrating platform weight loss continues to be a controversial topic, and one of the main reasons there are so many misconceptions surrounding this topic is the misleading information that comes from companies producing vibration machines.

Every producer claims their platforms are the best and will get you in shape in minutes, so if you’re new to this niche it’s normal to feel reluctant and to want to do some research before investing in a vibration machine for weight loss.

Here’s what one of the happy Hypervibe customers wrote in his warm testimonial:

Buying a vibration platform has been the hardest thing of all because everybody, without exception, says their product is the very best out there. So, when I decided that my inbuilt laziness was not going to change I wanted to get onto this vibration thing.

I spent 3 days solid, researching it, and I had to spend that long because I had to compare apples with apples in a industry that doesn’t always like to give information or gives misleading information.

Search search search and as the funnel grew more narrow, basically, unless I was going to spend more than $10,000, which I wasn’t going to, what was left was the Hypervibe range of machines.”

Hypervibe vibration machines provide the best value for money, that’s for sure, but this doesn’t mean they’ll magically transform your body overnight if your goal is to use WBV to lose weight. There are things a vibration platform can do, and others that can only be achieved through an adequate lifestyle and diet. Without changing the way you train, eat and sleep, you won’t be able to transform your body and lose the extra pounds, no matter how much time you spend on the vibrating platform.

Given below are some myths surrounding the use of vibration machines for weight reduction. Let’s see what’s true and what’s not!

Myth 1: Vibrating platform weight loss works for spot reduction

Vibration machine weight loss is clinically supported; there are dozens of studies that show that WBV helps users lose weight, change body composition, improve muscle strength and power, and increase flexibility. However, there are also misconceptions, and one of the most absurd ideas out there is that vibration training will help you lose weight only from those areas of your body you’re unhappy with.

As you may already know, this is called “spot reduction” and as explained by Tom Kelso from Breaking Muscle, it doesn’t exist. It’s not possible to lose weight naturally only from one area of your body, such as your thighs for example, while maintaining the exactly same percentage of muscle and fat in the remaining areas.

You may, however, lose more weight in the upper body or in the lower body, or see a more significant reduction in fat mass in the abdominal area, depending on how your body is built, and on the type of exercises you perform.

How does this information apply to whole body vibration training? If you train mainly your lower body on the machine, you may gain more definition and strength in the lower body, but the weight loss will also be visible in your abdomen and upper body if you combine WBV with diet and cardio activities and are serious about losing the extra pounds.

You can’t lose fat only from your butt or hips or lower abs, and you can’t reduce the amount of fat only from your upper arms. But you can shape and build a more athletic body and reduce the overall body fat percentage, and that’s even better than losing weight only from one body area.

Myth 2: It’s enough to do 10 minutes of vibration machine exercises for weight loss

In marketing campaigns, you often hear that training on a vibration platform for weight loss only takes 10 minutes a day, just a few times a week. This information is misleading, and here’s why. Exercising for 10 minutes on a WBV plate is enough for a variety of health benefits, and does support weight loss, but it takes a powerful machine and challenging workouts to see significant changes if you rely only on vibration exercises.

For a fast reduction in your body fat percentage, the WBV workouts should be combined with cardiovascular exercises and a healthy diet. Also, your workouts should be varied and longer than 10 minutes a day, and should be done on a vibration machine that can provide at least 10G’s of G-force, and a frequency of 20-45 Hz.

A whole body vibration machine with these parameters can stimulate your muscles in a thorough manner, and can provide the intense exercise stimulus that is needed for accelerating the metabolism and speeding up weight loss. But you also need to engage in complex exercises that target multiple muscle groups and require a conscious effort from your part.

Myth 3: Whole body vibration weight loss has nothing to do with diet

If you hoped that simply standing on a vibration machine for 10 minutes a day will make all the excess pounds melt away and will give you an athletic physique with no lifestyle or diet changes, we have bad news for you. Vibration exercises can strengthen your muscles and shape your body with or without dieting, but if your goal is to lose weight while gaining lean mass, you may need to adjust your eating habits.

The WBV weight loss effect is real but for significant changes in your body composition you need to pay attention to what you’re eating, and watch the calorie intake. As said in a previous article, mixing a hypocaloric diet with whole body vibration can speed up weight loss and lead to a 5-10% reduction in one’s body weight and fat mass. But in the mentioned study, these results were obtained in 6-12 months of training and dieting, which doesn’t sound too tempting, right?

So here are your options: if you want to speed up the weight loss process while relying only on whole body vibration, without doing other forms of physical activity, you need to either extend the time spent exercising or adopt a hypocaloric diet. But an even healthier approach would be to remove the unhealthy foods from your diet and mix whole body vibration exercises with cardio activities that keep your metabolic rate elevated and help you burn calories faster.

Hopefully now you’re aware of the fact that a vibration machine works just like any other fitness device for strength training and weight loss: if you want to put on lean mass and get rid of the fat mass, you need to exercise while on the WBV platform, to mix these strength exercises with cardio activities and to adjust your diet to meet your weight goals.

Have questions regarding the use of Hypervibe whole body vibration machines? Post them below or get in touch via Facebook.

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