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8 Whole Body Vibration Exercises for Better Blood Flow

18th June 2016
8 whole body vibration exercises for better blood flow

In a previous article we detailed 10 signs of poor circulation, and showed that the entire body is affected when the blood flow is impaired. The lower body tends to be more affected, some symptoms of poor blood circulation including swollen and painful feet and ankles, muscle cramps and aches, cold feet and dry skin that gets injured easily.

Also, circulation tends to decrease with age, as all muscles become weaker, including the cardiac muscle. As you may know, veins and arteries carry blood towards and away from the heart, being helped in this task by the muscles that surround the blood vessels. When muscles contract, they push the blood through veins and arteries. Muscles in feet and legs have a harder mission than those in the upper body, as they have to pump the blood upwards, and this requires more effort from the circulatory system.

Wearing high heels, sitting or standing for several hours, wearing tight clothes that constrict the blood vessels and impede proper circulation, eating too many carbohydrate-rich foods that elevate the blood sugar levels, drinking and smoking are only some of the causes of poor circulation. The good news though is that in most cases, blood circulation can be improved through natural solutions such as exercising and moving more, sleeping with the feet slightly elevated, or eating an adequate diet.

Of all the various types of exercise you can practice for keeping your circulatory system healthy and improving its functioning, whole body vibration is perhaps the most enjoyable and time-efficient, as it requires less than 15 minutes a day, is safe and suitable for people of all ages, and is highly versatile, allowing you to perform a variety of movements for stimulating the circulation of blood in all body areas.

So in today’s article we’ll take a look at some whole body vibration movements you can do for enhancing blood flow and relieving the previously mentioned symptoms of poor circulation.

Vibrating plate exercises for better blood circulation

This routine is designed for massage and relaxation, so the frequencies are lower. The purpose is just to relax the muscles and activate the blood flow and lymph circulation, not to tone your body or strengthen your muscles. So if you have a different health or fitness goal in mind and this routine is not suitable, you can use it to warm up the body and cool down after the training session.

1. Upper spine massage

We’ll start with an exercise that warms up the upper body and relaxes your back and spine muscles. Set the frequency of the machine at 8 Hz and keep your head in line with your spine, to avoid head vibrations. Your elbows should be on the platform, at #2-3, and your abs engaged. Stay in this position for 1-2 minutes.

2. Shoulder massage

The names of these positions are descriptive enough, as you can see, so this second exercise is meant to relax your shoulders and the muscles surrounding them. Maintain the same settings as in exercise 1, but extend your arms, and place the palms slightly farther from the machine’s center if needed, at #3. Maintain for 1-2 minutes.

3. Lumbar massage

Time to move to some standing WBV exercises. Place your feet at #3 and set the frequency at 8 -10 Hz, keeping the knees slightly bent and the abs engaged. You should feel the vibration in your lower back. Maintain the position for 1 minute.

4. Lumbosacral massage

From the previous position, place your elbows on the machine’s handles and extend your legs, keeping the core engaged. Frequency should be set at 12 Hz and your feet should be positioned at #2. Maintain for 1 minute.

5. Hamstring massage

 Stand on the platform with your back straight and your feet extended. Set the frequency at 15-18 Hz and maintain the position for 1 minute.

6. Gluteal massage

Switch the position as you can see in the picture,  and lower the frequency to 12-15 Hz. Keep your legs extended and your abs engaged. Maintain the position for 1 minute.

7. Quads massage

Place your exercise mat on the floor and lie down in front of the WBV platform, with your quads on the machine. Frequency should be set at 15-18 Hz. Maintain the position for 1 minute.

8. Calf massage

Place your exercise mat on the floor and lie down in front of the WBV platform, placing your calves on the machine, as you can see in the picture. Keep the frequency at 15-18 Hz or lower if the intensity is too high, and exercise for 1-2 minutes.

As you can see, this routine targets all the major muscle groups, and relaxes your entire body. So if you suffer from cold feet and hands due to poor circulation, this set of whole body vibration exercises will surely help stimulate the blood and lymph flow, remove the toxins from your body, and enhance the oxygenation and distribution of nutrients to all your cells.

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