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Whole Body Vibration routine for golf players

24th December 2014
golf wbv routine

Whether you’re interested in improving your swing or alignment, or in strengthening your entire body for more powerful shots, whole body vibration exercises can be an excellent tool for golf players. As simple as it seems, golf is a complex sport and improving every aspect of your game requires more than strengthening your arms and shoulders or working your coordination.

Balance, core strength, mobility and focus are all important for a golf player, and a complete workout routine should stimulate all the major muscle groups and mix cardio with strength movements. For a golf player it’s more important to have excellent coordination and stability than to have big biceps and a six pack.

Here are some exercises that can strengthen your entire body and help you improve your alignment, shot and overall golf performance.

1. Trunk rotations

Position your feet at #1 on the machine, and set the frequency to 12Hz. Engage the core and turn to the right, slowly, so as to feel your abs and obliques working. Return to the initial position and slowly rotate your trunk to the left. Do this exercise for 1 minute.

2. Lunge

Improve your mobility and flexibility with classical lunges, but this time do them on the Hypervibe WBV machine for more stimulation. Place your right feet at #2, bend the other knee so as to mimic the traditional lunge position and set the machine at 22Hz. Repeat the exercise for 1 minute or 30 seconds on each leg, depending on your current fitness level.

3. Mid-range squat

Place your feet at #2 and set the machine to 22Hz. Maintain the squat for 1 minute or if it’s too difficult to maintain your stability at this frequency, bring it to 18Hz or so and try to perform regular squats for 1 minute.

4. Triceps dip

Place your hands on the machine with palms at #3 and set the frequency at 15Hz. Maintain the position for 1 minute or if the vibration is too powerful, lower the frequency to 12Hz and stay in this position for 45-60 seconds. Make sure your back is straight and your core engaged, as this prevents injuries.

5. Bridge

Position your feet on the platform at #2 and set the machine to 12Hz. Maintain the bridge position for 1 minute, or lower your glutes and then return to the initial position as if you were doing regular hip thrusts.

6. Biceps curls

Position your feet at #2, set the machine to 15Hz and grab the two resistance bands, curling your biceps. Repeat the exercise for 1 minute or if you feel the bands don’t exert enough resistance, replace them with regular dumbbells for more stimulation.

For best results, this strength routine should be mixed with 20-25 minutes of running, brisk walking, step aerobic or other cardio activity that trains your heart and improves your resistance.

 golf routine wbv

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