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Whole Body Vibration Routine for Losing the Love Handles

24th April 2015

The love handles are called like this for a reason, but it’s definitely not because one loves the unsightly bulges that appear around the waistline and make one’s upper body look like a muffin. The love handles tend to form in people with an inadequate diet and a sedentary lifestyle, but are also common in those who don’t exercise hard enough when hitting the gym. The puffiness of the midsection prevents clothing from fitting properly and can make one look less toned, affecting their self-esteem level.

The good news is that the love handles can be defeated with an intense workout routine, but the bad news is that you’ll have to do more than crunches and sit-ups in order to get rid of the excess fat cells stores around your waistline. To get rid of the love handles once and for all and sculpt a toned and slim midsection, you need to incorporate both strength and cardio movements into your workout and to focus mostly on fast-paced exercises.

Movements that engage multiple muscle groups and are performed at a high intensity and speed send the body into a thermogenic state that triggers an accelerated rate of fat loss, speeding up the destruction of the love handles and helping you achieve your dream physique faster.

Whole body vibration exercises that will help you get rid of the love handles

1. Mountain climbers
This exercise is similar to the plank, but besides toning your back and front abs, it also targets the obliques, so it works your body even harder. Start in the plank position and bring your left knee towards the chest, then extend it back and repeat with the right knee.

Set the frequency to 8-12 Hz to avoid head vibration and repeat for 1 minute, alternating sides. Try to do the movements slowly so as to feel the contraction of the obliques.

2. Side planks
The side plank is one of the most efficient exercises for the obliques, as it strengthens these muscles while burning a large amount of calories. Moreover, this exercise helps in strengthening the arms and the back muscles and targets the legs as well.

Set the frequency to 8-12 Hz and start with your right elbow on the vibration platform. If it’s not comfortable enough change the position and place your feet on the platform, and palms on the ground. Keep the core contracted 30 seconds per side, and repeat the exercise for 2 minutes.

3. Core twists
Sit on the platform with knees bent and lean back at a 45 angle, to form a C-shape. Twist your torso to the right, but try not to move the upper body too much. Repeat on the left side, keeping the back extended and the abs contracted. Do this exercise for 1 minute, at a frequency of 15-18 Hz.

4. Lateral leg raises
Start in the side plank position, with feet on the platform and your right palm or elbow on the ground. Keep the core engaged and slowly lift the left leg, keeping the right leg on the platform. You should feel the vibration both in your leg and your obliques. Repeat for 30 seconds on each side and keep the frequency to a level that allows you to do this movement slowly and with proper form.

5. Crunches
Sit on the platform in the C-sit position, with knees bent and hands behind your head or at the level of your chest. Engage the abs and keep the back straight. Bring the right knee towards the chest, then extend it back and repeat with the left knee, as if you were riding a bike. Repeat the movement for 1 minute, as quickly as possible, while still keeping your torso raised up and the abs contracted.

6. Regular planks
End the routine with 1 minute of the plank, keeping the back straight and the core engaged. Again, set the frequency to a level that feels comfortable (up to 12Hz usually), and make sure to squeeze the butt in and to keep the arms extended. If you can’t do this movement properly with arms on the platform, switch the position by placing your palms on the ground and feet on the platform.

Repeat the routine once a week and mix it with 20 minutes of cardio, which can be running in place or regular, elliptical training, swimming, brisk walking, dancing or any other activity that makes your heart beat faster and helps you burn more calories.

For more exercises, visit our Support site where you’ll find both individual exercises and goal-based whole body vibration workouts. Also, check the other articles in the dedicated WBV training section.

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