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  • Meet our October Feel Better Community Partners – Canada

    01st November 2013

    Welcome to our October Feel Better Community Partner spotlight For more information on the Feel Better Community, read our first FBC post

    Melissa Shevchenko of FitGirlsRock

    Melissa is a Canadian fitness blogger Originally

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  • Top 3 Most Viral Hypervibe Canada Facebook Posts

    19th October 2013

    As shared by our Facebook readers

    We love our Facebook followers–they’re always ready to share a healthy tip or tasty recipe

    Here are three of our most viral posts of the year so

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  • 6 Ways to Boost Weight Loss

    18th October 2013

    6 ways to boost weight loss The breakdown:

    Drink lemon water

    Drinking water helps your body function properly It fills you up And

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  • Feel Better Community Badge

    Introducing the Feel Better Community

    28th September 2013

    Are you a health and wellness professional?
    Do you blog about health issues?
    Apply to be part of our trusted community of health resources!
    See below for details*

    Here at HyperVibe we

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  • Meet Our September Feel Better Community Partners – Canada

    25th September 2013

    Have you heard about our Feel Better Community?

    It’s a growing movement aimed at helping you find all the information you need to live a long, healthy, full life–without wondering if the info

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  • 10 Foods That Help Improve Circulation

    16th September 2013

    10 Foods that Help Improve Circulation

    The breakdown:


    Research has shown that Omega-3s, like those found in avocado,

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  • Top 7 Fitness Trends Causing a Stir at CanFitPro

    12th September 2013

    So last month was CanFitPro Toronto, North America’s largest business conference and trade show for the fitness industry It was a blast! Dozens of presenters, an amazing schedule of sessions and

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  • Are You at Risk? The Dangers of Constant Fatigue

    10th September 2013

    Tired all the time? You could be putting yourself and your loved ones at risk Find out how in our infographic by clicking the image below

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  • pain fighting foods

    10 Foods that Fight Fibromyalgia Pain

    02nd September 2013

    Top 10 Foods that Fight Fibromyalgia Pain

    The breakdown:

    Nuts and flax

    Full of Omega-3s, nuts and ground

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  • Hypervibe Teaches a Better Way to Better Health

    25th August 2013

    Hypervibe, a leader in whole body vibration education and technology, today announced its online learning center, designed to inform people of the many health benefits of whole body vibration

    The learning center

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  • You’re at Risk: How to Avoid the Worst Types of Bone Fracture [Infographic]

    14th August 2013




    Download the full infographic on

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  • 6 Tricks Restaurants Use Against You

    26th July 2013

    Restaurants are booming business

    Restaurant-industry sales are projected to be $6605 billion this year But the restaurant industry’s gain is your loss—all this eating out can devastate your waistline and

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  • Hypervibe Reveals the Canadian Winner in Whole Body Vibration Machine Giveaway

    24th July 2013

    Hypervibe, a leader in whole body vibration technology, announced the winners of the company’s whole body vibration machine giveaway The winner will receive a whole body vibration machine from Hypervibe worth

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  • 5 Ways Whole Body Vibration Supports Your Active Lifestyle

    21st July 2013

    Whether you’ve been active your whole life, or you’re just beginning to incorporate exercise into your routine, there’s nothing like living an active life

    The CDC lists many benefits of

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  • WBV User Says Training With Hypervibe Machine Relieves Pain, Improves Range of Motion

    Hypervibe, a leader in the field of whole body vibration machines, today unveiled a

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