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  • The Most Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Vibration Machine

    08th July 2013

    Are you confused about which features and functions of a vibration platforms are most important? If so, read on, because in this article we’ll separate the nuts and bolts of Whole

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  • The Convincing Case For Higher G’s In Vibration Training

    Prelude – part of the reason for confusion and controversy over the importance of high G’s in vibration training is really a matter of economics – not science The fact is,

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  • Are You Getting The Vibration Machine You Paid For?

    This article goes hand-in-hand with How To Choose A Vibration Machine

    What you are going to learn is

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  • Are ‘Spiral’ Vibration Training Machines A Gimmick?

    pivotal vibration machine in zero gravityTo answer that question, we first need to get clear about why

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  • Which Whole Body Vibration Motors Are Best?

    Is this really something people want to know and if so, why?

    Yes, people do ask this question about Whole Body Vibration machines, more specifically they ask about the size of the

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  • Understanding Vibration Machine Platform Types

    You may or may not be aware that there are different types of vibration platforms out there When I say “platform” I am specifically referring to just the part you stand

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  • How Much Should You Pay For A Vibration Machine?

    Vibration machines cost anything from a few hundred dollars to in excess of twenty thousand dollars Why is there such a large difference in price, and does choosing a more expensive

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  • Which Frequency Is Best For Whole Body Vibration?

    Various theories exist to answer this question As you will learn, the short answer is that first it depends on your exercise goal; are you trying to relieve tight back muscles,

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  • the power of a whole body vibration machine represented by a tiger

    Why The Best Vibration Training Machines Are Heavier, Noisier and Hungrier

    By taking your time to work through these blog articles you are gaining some appreciation for the mechanics, motors and Read More

  • How Whole Body Vibration Works in Simple Terms

    If you’re still trying to understand how standing on a vibrating platform can possibly produce even half the benefits claimed by those selling them, read on From a scientific perspective, there’s

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