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    Living in Toxic Times – How Can You Help Your Body?

    27th February 2016

    Living in Toxic Times – How Can You Help Your Body Defend Itself?

    By Deb P – Revibe

    Last week was really rough for me, Wednesday in particular

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    Why Getting Fit in your 40s is Easier Than it Was in Your 20s

    08th January 2016

    Feeling nostalgic for those days when you could eat whatever you wanted and still stay in great shape without even trying?

    Don’t feel too badly Now that you’re a little

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    4 Secrets to Better Bone Health No One Tells You

    05th January 2016

    Remember when you were young and you thought you were invincible?

    Sure, maybe you actually never thought about it, but you probably acted like you believed it Think about some

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  • Rise and shine!

    The Benefits of Slumber – NIH News in Health

    20th November 2015

    Good morning, sunshine!

    Look! I made you breakfast!

    img: NatalieMaynor, cc by-sa 20


    Do morning people make you want to hide

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  • You Don’t Have to Get Old: How to Avoid the Negative Effects of Aging

    11th October 2015

    img: Moodboard Photography, on flickr Used under cc by 20


    Think getting older means resigning yourself to stretchy waistbands and playing checkers? Think again Here’s 5 ways you can stay young as

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  • Back Pain Causes You Might Not Hear about from Your Doctor | Health content from EHS Today

    23rd September 2015

    There’s a story in EHS Today–that’s Environmental Health and Safety, for you lay folk–that sheds some light on some things you may not think about when you suffer from back pain

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  • 10 Foods You’re Eating That Are Better Than You Thought

    13th September 2015

    With all the food news that surrounds us every day, it can be hard to know what’s good, solid advice and what’s nothing more than the latest fad

    While there

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  • 4 Keys to Living Long and Living Well

    22nd June 2015

    Most people want to live long, healthy lives, and many of us are doing that already The average life span in the United States is close to 80, with many people

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  • One More Reason Why We Love Canada

    04th October 2014

    Congratulations, Canada! Once again you’ve shown just how great you are


    We Canadians know how to take care of our own And in case we needed proof, we got it—in the very

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  • 6 Tricks Restaurants Use Against You

    26th July 2013

    Restaurants are booming business

    Restaurant-industry sales are projected to be $6605 billion this year But the restaurant industry’s gain is your loss—all this eating out can devastate your waistline and

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  • The 3 Secrets Gym Owners Don’t Want You to Know

    06th July 2013

    Chances are, you’ve spent at least some time thinking about joining a gym

    Most of us do, at some point We sit at the computer with some tasty-but-terribly-unhealthy snack in

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