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  • 8 nutrients your muscles and bones need

    15th July 2015

    Maintaining healthy bones and muscles is vital not only for your physical appearance but for your overall health as well, as weak muscles and bones make you prone to

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  • Can whole body vibration really increase bone density? What studies say

    07th July 2015

    When it was first introduced more than 20 years ago, whole body vibration training as we know it today was considered an innovative tool for weight loss and muscle

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  • wbv beneficial effects circulation

    Whole body vibration exercises have beneficial effects on circulation

    01st July 2015

    Peripheral vascular disease can occur in people who have sedentary jobs or spend several hours sitting, but can also be caused by the accumulation of fatty substances on the

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  • whole-body-vibration-diabetes-safe

    Is whole body vibration training safe in diabetes sufferers?

    20th June 2015

    Physical activity can greatly benefit diabetes sufferers, as it helps in maintaining a healthy weight and in controlling blood sugar levels Keeping glycemia under control is the surest way

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  • Sweetened beverages may lead to fatty liver disease

    12th June 2015

    Fatty liver disease appears when fat cells build up inside the liver and make more than 5%-10% of the organ’s weight

    This condition can be triggered by excessive

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  • whole body vibration cerebral palsy kids

    New study confirms benefits of vibration machines in kids with CP

    09th June 2015

    Cerebral palsy (CP) is a neurological disorder caused by brain injuries or malformations that occur in kids while the brain is under development The condition causes the loss or

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  • Strengthen your back muscles with these exercises

    30th May 2015

    To build a lean and athletic body, you need more than slender legs and a six pack: your back muscles are also important, as they are also responsible for

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  • carbs good bad

    Starches, fibers and simple carbs – how they affect your silhouette

    16th May 2015

    Low-carb advocates say that not eating carbohydrates, or keeping the intake of these nutrients under 5% of your daily calories is the easiest way to lose the fat in

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  • wbv for copd

    Whole body vibration exercises and COPD

    11th May 2015

    In people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), the obstruction of the airways and the impaired lung function may interfere with their exercise capacity, increasing the risk of a

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  • lower-back-pain-wbv

    Vibration machine exercises, helpful in lower back pain

    09th May 2015

    Back pain affects about 60-80% of people in the UK at some point in their lives, being one of the most common health problems in people aged 30 to

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  • lack-sleep-weight-gain

    How the lack of sleep influences your weight

    01st May 2015

    Feeling sleepy and energy-deprived can make you more prone to overeating, and it won’t take long for results to become visible, especially if you regularly skip sleep hours and

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  • vibration-training-elderly

    5 benefits of vibration exercises in the elderly

    29th April 2015

    The weakening of bones and loss of muscle mass are two of the natural consequences of aging that make one more prone to falls and fractures, preventing the elderly

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  • active-recovery-wbv

    Active recovery on a whole body vibration platform

    21st April 2015

    Active recovery is a term used to define those workouts that are completed at a lower intensity, usually 30%-50% less intense than a regular training session

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  • 3 conditions that can make your bones weaker

    07th April 2015

    Just like any other tissues inside the human body, the bones renew themselves on a continue basis as we age, old cells being destroyed and new cells

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  • wbv for glutes and thighs

    Whole body vibration exercises for firmer glutes and thighs

    01st April 2015

    For firm glutes and thighs and a toned lower body, the best routine is a combination of cardio and strength exercises, as the former burn more calories and help

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