• Whole Body Vibration – How Does It Really Work?

    16th October 2019

    by Katerina Liapis, MSPT


    With so many health and fitness products on the market today, we are inundated with a variety of different options – some that deliver on their

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  • The Role of Whole Body Vibration in Self-Care, Hope and Healing by Katerina Liapis, MSPT

    19th August 2019

    I recently came across this meme:  “If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness”  This really hit home for me

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  • Rehab Summit 2019: Calling All Clinicians by Katerina Liapis, MSPT

    05th August 2019

    At the end of July, my colleague, Debby Pelletier, and I had the opportunity to represent Hypervibe at the 13th Annual Rehab Summit in Las Vegas  This conference was a three-day

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  • Which Motor Size Is Best For A Vibration Machine?

    24th July 2018

    Is this really something people want to know and if so, why?

    Yes, people do ask this question about Whole Body Vibration machines, more specifically they ask about the size of the

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  • Whole body vibration as recovery method in football players

    Whole body vibration as recovery method in football players

    31st August 2016

    Recovering after a intense workout or sports activity means more than eating your portion of carbs and protein or getting a massage for your tight and tired muscles While

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  • Can WBV machines fit into a workplace wellness program?

    Can WBV machines fit into a workplace wellness program?

    20th August 2016

    The fact that sitting all day can be hazardous to one’s body is not a novelty A sedentary lifestyle can severely impact one’s overall health and well-being, so it

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  • wbv-effective-aerobic-body-composition-improving

    WBV, as effective as aerobic exercise in improving body composition

    10th August 2016

    For people who have already tried several weight loss solutions without achieving the expected results, committing to another program that promises to help them lose fat and get in

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  • Vibration machine exercises can help in inflammatory conditions

    Vibration machine exercises can help in inflammatory conditions

    06th August 2016

    Inflammation in itself is not harmful An inflammatory reaction is the body’s response to a harmful stimuli, such as a pathogen, an irritant or tissue damage When the body

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  • Whole-body-vibration-in-osteoporosis-how-can-it-help

    Whole body vibration in osteoporosis: how can it help?

    02nd April 2016

    Can whole body vibration really help osteoporosis sufferers improve their bone mineral density and reduce the risk of fractures? Is this form of training and therapy safe enough

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  • 4-reasons-young-adults-should-train-on-a-vibration-machine

    4 reasons young adults should train on a vibration machine

    28th March 2016

    Training on a vibration machine is similar to conventional strength exercises, as the movements you do are pretty much the same – squats, planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, triceps dips

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  • vibration-machine-exercises-and-cardio

    Vibration machine training + cardio = better results?

    23rd March 2016

    Vibration machine training practiced for several weeks can lead to improvements in muscle strength, fat-free mass and bone mineral density, preventing the loss of lean mass at the same

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  • Tone-your-upper-body-with-vibration-machine-exercises

    Tone your upper body with vibration machine exercises

    10th March 2016

    Vibration machine exercises are safe for people of all ages, being suitable for a variety of health and fitness goals, from losing the baby weight faster after giving

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  • How vibration machine exercises support weight loss

    How vibration machine exercises support weight loss

    03rd March 2016

    Can vibration machine exercises support weight loss? It’s one of the most frequent questions clients ask before buying a whole body vibration platform, and it would be easy to

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  • whole-body-vibration-knee-hip-surgery

    Safety of WBV exercises after hip or knee surgery

    01st August 2015

    Whole body vibration exercises may not seem the safest choice after hip or knee surgery, but studies show this form of training is actually beneficial for people recovering

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  • applications-wbv-therapy

    7 applications of whole body vibration therapy

    24th July 2015

    Whole body vibration therapy is different from WBV training, the former being used for treatment purposes, while the latter is used mainly for fitness and beauty purposes Studies have

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