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A Beginner’s Guide to Whole Body Vibration Machines: What You Need to Know

28th April 2023

If you are someone whose workout routine is becoming a bit stale or your lifestyle has kept you physically stagnant and you want to get into exercising but get much faster results, you may want to consider using a whole-body vibration machine.

You may have seen these machines in gyms but wondered what they actually do and how they work. In addition, you may have been curious about what kinds of benefits you can expect.

In this blog post, we cover some of the most common questions beginners to whole-body vibration machines ask and take you through everything you need to know about them and their use so that you can have the most effective workout in less time. Let’s get started!

What is a whole-body vibration machine and how does it work?

A whole-body vibration machine is an exercise machine that contains a platform and usually handles that you can hold onto although not every model offers handles. The platform, however, is where all the magic happens.

It can elevate itself in an oscillating or linear way (for more on this see below) and also, it emits frequencies of vibration that force your muscles to contract and relax at a much faster rate. Thus, you get an intense workout in a much faster way.

But in addition to this, whole-body vibration training gets into the deep muscles that few exercises enable you to. These muscles are generally in your back and core.

Because the entire platform vibrates as you stand, sit or lie on it, your entire deep-tissue muscle structure and the more superficial muscles are both worked out at the same time with the same intensity.

Types of vibration machines

Although you may think that all whole-body vibration machines look similar and therefore perform the same function, it’s important for beginners to understand that there are two main types of vibration machines on the market. (Although there is a third type, the two discussed below are the most common ones). They are oscillating/pivotal and linear vibration machines.

  • Oscillating/pivotal: an oscillating or pivotal vibration machine does just what the name implies – it oscillates from one side to the other, thereby mimicking a person’s natural motion of walking. The left side of your body will be lifted up at a particular amplitude of your choice and this will also then be done on the right-hand side and the motions will be repeated. This is an excellent type of vibration machine for those who want to get a fuller range of motion and get deeper into their deep muscle tissue and get the maximum effects out of their workout.
  • Linear: there are also linear vibration machines on the market and these have a smaller range of motion than oscillating or pivotal ones. Essentially, these machines move in a linear or up-and-down motion. They are effective for stimulating a human’s jump reflex and in many cases, they are used by athletes who need a body-lengthening workout.

Frequently used terms in whole-body vibration training

In whole-body vibration training, it’s also important to mention some of the most common terms used so that as a beginner, you are familiar with what you are getting into. As promised above, we cover the two frequently used terms in vibration training below. These are amplitude and frequency.

  • Amplitude: amplitude is generally measured in millimeters (mm) and this refers to the machine’s range of motion. In other words, it’s how high up the machine moves from its central position. Amplitudes can come in various sizes but the most common one is around 3 mm.
  • Frequency: we now focus on frequency. Although this term may seem a bit complicated at first, it doesn’t have to be. In essence, frequency refers to how often a vibration is emitted by the machine. It is measured in Herz (Hz) and these can go from as little as 10 Hz and upwards of 60 Hz. The higher the Hz value, the faster the machine is essentially vibrating.

Benefits of vibration training

Now that we’ve covered the technical side of what a whole-body vibration machine is and how it works, as well as the types of machines and the commonly used terms in vibration training, it’s also worth looking at what benefits you get out of a whole-body vibration session.

Be prepared: the benefits are numerous and after reading these, you’ll definitely want to get on a vibration machine and start your workout! And without further ado, here are just some of the main physical advantages you can enjoy from a vibration platform or machine:

  • It is excellent for strengthening your muscles and bones
  • It increases lymphatic and blood circulation, which helps boost your immune system
  • You get a wider range of motion and increased flexibility and balance
  • You can enjoy greater weight loss, cellulite reduction and muscle toning
  • It also enhances knee neuromuscular control, and
  • A whole host of other benefits.

The different types of training you can do on a vibration plate

A whole-body vibration machine is a truly versatile piece of exercise equipment. This is because you can use it in a number of ways. For example, you can start out slowly and simply stand, sit or lie on the vibrating platform for a couple of minutes a day.

However, you can also amp up your workout and add other exercises to your vibration for an even more comprehensive workout. Just a few of the examples of exercises you can perform on a vibration plate include squats, planks, standing rows and step-ups, and step-downs.

How often should you exercise on a vibration plate?

Because whole-body vibration machines give you such a good workout in a much shorter period of time, you may be tempted to overdo it.

However, as a beginner, it’s recommended that you follow some guidelines in terms of usage and not overstrain your body and muscles as you work your way up to more time spent on the machine with greater levels of confidence.

As such, it’s recommended that if you are a beginner, you should train around three times a week with each of these sessions lasting in the region of 15 minutes. You can always increase the time spent on your vibration platform as you get stronger and more confident.

Tips for starting your whole-body vibration training

So, now that you have a better picture of the whats and how’s of vibration training, you are probably ready to jump onto your whole-body vibration machine and get started. However, there are a few tips to consider as you begin your workout on a vibration plate and we share some of the best practices with you below:

  • During weeks one and two of your training, consider choosing lower frequencies to give your muscles enough time to get used to the new stimuli.
  • After this, you should slowly begin to increase the intensity of your training as your comfort levels improve.
  • If you plan on performing exercises with your vibration machine, make sure to start with those that you know and are comfortable with. Examples include squats and planks.
  • Always make sure that you have proper form when on the machine. If you are simply standing on it for your workout, ensure your knees are slightly bent and that your legs are hip-width apart.
  • It’s also highly advisable that you take regular breaks and drink a lot of water between the different exercise sets.
  • Never do what your body is not comfortable doing. If you can’t perform exercises early on, then simply standing, sitting or lying on the vibration machine will be good enough until you build your balance and flexibility.

Wrapping up

As you can tell by now, using a whole-body vibration machine is not only easy to do but it also provides a much more intense and faster workout, giving you greater results in less time. Besides this, the health benefits of vibration training are absolutely phenomenal and they shouldn’t be overlooked when you begin your vibration training for the first time.

Overall, vibration machines are versatile and although you can find them in gyms, you can also get one for yourself and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. This means you set when and where you will workout and you therefore have greater control over your exercise regime.


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