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  • wbv-effective-aerobic-body-composition-improving

    WBV, as effective as aerobic exercise in improving body composition

    10th August 2016

    For people who have already tried several weight loss solutions without achieving the expected results, committing to another program that promises to help them lose fat and get in

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  • 4-reasons-young-adults-should-train-on-a-vibration-machine

    4 reasons young adults should train on a vibration machine

    28th March 2016

    Training on a vibration machine is similar to conventional strength exercises, as the movements you do are pretty much the same – squats, planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, triceps dips

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  • applications-wbv-therapy

    7 applications of whole body vibration therapy

    24th July 2015

    Whole body vibration therapy is different from WBV training, the former being used for treatment purposes, while the latter is used mainly for fitness and beauty purposes Studies have

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  • Can whole body vibration really increase bone density? What studies say

    07th July 2015

    When it was first introduced more than 20 years ago, whole body vibration training as we know it today was considered an innovative tool for weight loss and muscle

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  • whole-body-vibration-diabetes-safe

    Is whole body vibration training safe in diabetes sufferers?

    20th June 2015

    Physical activity can greatly benefit diabetes sufferers, as it helps in maintaining a healthy weight and in controlling blood sugar levels Keeping glycemia under control is the surest way

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  • wbv for copd

    Whole body vibration exercises and COPD

    11th May 2015

    In people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), the obstruction of the airways and the impaired lung function may interfere with their exercise capacity, increasing the risk of a

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  • lower-back-pain-wbv

    Vibration machine exercises, helpful in lower back pain

    09th May 2015

    Back pain affects about 60-80% of people in the UK at some point in their lives, being one of the most common health problems in people aged 30 to

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  • vibration-training-elderly

    5 benefits of vibration exercises in the elderly

    29th April 2015

    The weakening of bones and loss of muscle mass are two of the natural consequences of aging that make one more prone to falls and fractures, preventing the elderly

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  • Whole body vibration therapy for fibromyalgia pain

    26th March 2015


    6 weeks of traditional exercise coupled with supplementary whole body vibration training was found to be effective in improving the strength and health status of women suffering from

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  • whole body vibration benefits health

    Get slimmer with the new G10 Mini Gravity Resistance Training machine

    28th February 2015


    Although the benefits of exercise go well beyond sculpting a lean body or going down a size, lots of those who choose to work out regularly are interested mostly in getting

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  • core wbv exercise

    Strengthen your core muscles with Hypervibe’s G17 Gravity Resistance Training machine

    18th February 2015

    No matter what your fitness goal is, strengthening your core muscles should always be on your list of priorities, as a strong core not only improves your posture and

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  • osteoarthritis wbv

    Is vibration training safe for osteoarthritis sufferers?

    10th February 2015

    Although it may sound counterintuitive to recommend whole body vibration to arthritis sufferers, existing studies suggest that vibration training may improve the muscle strength and the functioning

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  • wbv bones health

    How WBV training can restore your bones’ health

    02nd February 2015


    Aging produces a series of changes inside the human body, affecting all our tissues and systems in a more or less significant manner Part of these changes start earlier

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  • how wbv can benefit new mums

    How whole body vibration training can benefit new mums

    24th January 2015

    Giving birth is a life-changing experience, but coming to terms with the way your body looks and feels like in the first months post pregnancy can be overwhelming for

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  • How WBV exercises can speed up recovery from injuries

    09th January 2015


    Whole body vibration exercises can be used for different health and fitness goals, from massage and relaxation to recovery or building stronger muscles Existing studies have shown that the

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