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  • Tone-your-upper-body-with-vibration-machine-exercises

    Tone your upper body with vibration machine exercises

    10th March 2016

    Vibration machine exercises are safe for people of all ages, being suitable for a variety of health and fitness goals, from losing the baby weight faster after giving

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  • Strengthen your back muscles with these exercises

    30th May 2015

    To build a lean and athletic body, you need more than slender legs and a six pack: your back muscles are also important, as they are also responsible for

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  • active-recovery-wbv

    Active recovery on a whole body vibration platform

    21st April 2015

    Active recovery is a term used to define those workouts that are completed at a lower intensity, usually 30%-50% less intense than a regular training session

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  • wbv for glutes and thighs

    Whole body vibration exercises for firmer glutes and thighs

    01st April 2015

    For firm glutes and thighs and a toned lower body, the best routine is a combination of cardio and strength exercises, as the former burn more calories and help

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