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2 Ways to Exercise at Home When Your Time is Limited

23rd February 2014


Whether you’re a full-time mom or a person working from home, with a busy schedule and no time for gym workouts, you can still sneak in a bit of exercise to burn some additional calories and combat the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

Yet, in lots of cases it’s not the lack of time that makes one skip the exercise part – let’s be honest for a moment, anyone can make 30 minutes if they really want to work out. The real problem is often the lack of motivation, caused by the idea that workouts are boring, or by the misconception that you can’t get a tough and effective training at home.

Given below are 2 solutions that prove exactly the opposite: you can work your body in a very efficient way and burn a high amount of calories while exercising in your bedroom.

1. Bodyweight HIIT workouts


HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training) are still on top of the fitness trends for this year, and it’s not hard to guess why: they burn a lot of calories, are excellent for strengthening the muscles and improving the cardiovascular function, and can be done with minimum equipment.

In fact, if you’re choosing bodyweight HIIT, you only need to invest in some workout DVDs, to make sure you have a training plan and schedule. Surely, you can create your own workout routine, but it’s more likely to stay motivated and stick to a program if you know it’s only going to last for 3 months or so, and if a (virtual) trainer is always there to motivate you.

You can find plenty of workouts if you browse for HIIT videos, but it’s recommended to start with simpler ones if it’s the first time you do a fitness training session.

home workouts for busy people

As your body gets stronger, it’s a good idea to invest in some free weights – dumbbells, kettlebells, ankle weights, barbell or at least some resistance bands, and get a jumping rope. First ones will be used for the strength exercises, second one for varying the cardio part of your HIIT routine.

This type of training is very intense, so it’s enough to do it 3 times a week at the beginning, for 30 minutes per session, and to increase progressively if you feel that your body can handle more frequent HIIT sessions. Make sure to rest, eat well and allow your body to recover properly after each workout.

2. Whole body vibration training


The second alternative is even simpler, requires less time and is just as versatile as the first solution: whole body vibration training. 10 minutes a day, on a WBV machine, can strengthen all your muscles, and you can also use the platform for the warm-up and to cool down. Still, this means you need to invest in a whole body vibration platform, and it’s not always a small investment, but it’s worth it!

Why? No, it’s not because we produce such machines, but because WBV training has been proven to improve not just the muscle strength and tone, but also the posture, the flexibility and coordination, the bone density, circulation and lymph flow.

It’s an excellent way to relieve tension, improve your mood, relax, and can be used even for rehabilitation purposes. Plus, the method is safer than HIIT workouts and less time-consuming, and the platform can be used by all family members, for various health and fitness purposes!

If you’re already using a whole body vibration platform for home training, we’d like to hear from you! Feel free to leave your comment below, or join our community on Facebook!

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