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Do Foot Circulation Machines Help Swollen Ankles and Feet?

03rd December 2021
blood circulation machine for legs and feet

Swollen ankles and feet are a common condition of the 21st century. Increased levels of stress, long hours in front of the computer, unhealthy eating, and lack of physical activity are just some of the main contributors. If you live a hectic life, suffer from poor circulation or high blood pressure, most likely you know what we mean. The feeling is far from pleasant and it seems that nothing helps.

Luckily, along with the technological advancements, there are new methods for tackling such problems. According to some specialists, one of these methods is offered by the foot circulation machine. But is that the case? Are the so-called circulation boosters that good? And most importantly – do they help relieve the symptoms of swollen ankles and feet? Keep reading and you will soon find out!

Is the foot circulation machine any good?

The foot circulation machine has been around for quite some time now and most probably you have seen it either on the TV or in a magazine. Commonly referred to as a blood circulation machine for legs and feet, this type of equipment emits electrical impulses known as Electric Muscle Stimulations (EMS’s). According to the manufacturers, the machine will improve the blood circulation of your lower limbs, while you relax in your comfortable chair.

foot massageAll that is required from you is to put your feet into the machine and allocate 30 minutes of your time for the procedure. The electrical impulses pass through your feet, making your muscles contract and relax, as they go. According to the claims, these stimulations increase the blood flow in the lower extremities, thus improving flexibility and reducing swelling. But is that so? Is the foot circulation machine as good as it claims to be? Well, unfortunately, the answer is no.

Even though the manufacturers state that the electrification of the limbs helps alleviate the symptoms of swelling, nothing beats the good old physical activity. Even if you experience minor changes in your blood circulation while you use the machine, the effect is usually short and goes away as soon as you put your sleepers back on.

If you truly want to improve the blood circulation of your limbs, go for a walk, jog or run. Not enough time for such physical activities? Well, there is no room for worry, as the scientists behind Hypervibe have thought of that common problem, linked to modern life. Thanks to the vibration machine, you can now move the gym straight in your home and rip off all the benefits associated with regular exercise in half the time.

How can I improve circulation in my legs?

exerciseIn a nutshell, if you want to improve the circulation of your legs, you need to get moving and wake up your muscles. Any activity that stimulates the fibres of your muscles to work will do the job. Furthermore, make sure you eat a healthy diet, full of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Avoid harmful lifestyle habits and get a sufficient amount of sleep. Below are some of the best tips on improving the circulation in your legs:

  • Make sure you fit regular exercise into your daily routine – walking, running, cycling, you name it;
  • Drink at least two litres of water a day – carry a bottle of water with you at all times and drink regularly;
  • Say “No” to cigarettes, as this bad lifestyle habit has a huge negative impact on blood circulation;
  • If your job includes long hours of sitting on a desk, taking frequent breaks and walking around the office or the garden;
  • Have a foot massage wherever possible;

drink waterMost probably, you are already thinking that the above-mentioned tips are easier said than done, and we agree with you. Unfortunately, the growing number of daily tasks and responsibilities has made it extremely difficult to eat healthy, to get enough sleep, let alone to exercise on a regular basis. It is a fact well known, and could be seen all around us – chronic diseases are on the rise, stress levels are higher than ever, and obesity has become the new overweight.

Indeed, it seems that we have less and less time for our health, and there is nothing we can do. Or is there? Actually, there is – as already mentioned it is called the vibration platform. According to the scientific data, it is a type of innovative fitness equipment that produces high-frequency vibrations that stimulate your muscles and create the same effect as in physical activity, even better.

What is the best foot vibrating circulation machine?

The foot vibrating circulation machine has been among us for several decades, but thanks to the promising results of recent scientific studies, the equipment has begun to gain a lot of popularity. It consists of a vibrating plate that produces high-frequency vibrations. The vibrations travel through your body stimulating muscles and benefiting almost any other system. Thanks to the high-frequency oscillations, your muscles contract up to 50 times faster, compared to regular exercise. This way you get all the benefits that come with normal physical activity in less time and with almost no effort.

So far, the exercise vibrator machine has been proven to increase muscle power, strengthen bones, improve blood circulation, reduce chronic pain, aid swelling, and speed up fat burning rates. This is great indeed, however, before you hit the “Buy” button on the internet, keep in mind that not all vibration plates are equal. Some are truly great, and some are simply not worth it. Below is our guide on the best foot vibrating circulation machine:

  • It needs to provide vibrations with high enough frequency – at least 5 – 35 Hz;
  • It needs to offer a strong enough G-force – at least 10 Gs and over;
  • It needs to allow for a high enough amplitude – at least 7 mm and over;
  • It needs to be scientifically backed up – be a subject of at least several studies with positive results;
  • It needs to give you the best value-for-money;
  • It needs to have a great no-risk trial and money-back guarantee;


The circulation boosters have been around for quite a while and the idea behind them is great. Unfortunately, the results that these machines deliver are not so great. Even if you feel a minor plus, it lasts only while you have your feet inside the apparatus.

If you want to improve the circulation of your feet and ankles, get moving and improve your lifestyle. Thanks to the innovative vibration machine, you can now keep physically active in less time and with almost no effort. All that the vibrating fitness equipment requires is 15 – 20 minutes of your time a day, 3 – 4 days a week. That’s all!


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