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Managing Pain Naturally

24th September 2013
img: Moyan_Brenn

Chronic pain affects countless people across the country, and for those who suffer the most, it can make the simplest everyday tasks–taking a shower, getting dressed, even getting out of bed–almost unbearable.

The next time pain has you racing to the nearest bottle of pain killers, consider these natural methods of pain management, from Natural Therapy Pages: Managing Pain Naturally.

The article gives a brief rundown of eleven non-medicinal ways to deal with chronic or acute pain. You can try many of them yourself, but you’ll need a practitioner’s help for several.


img: ChodHound, used under cc by-sa 2.0


What are your favorite ways to relieve pain that don’t involve taking pills? Have you tried using whole body vibration on low settings for massage? Let us know your favorite in the comments.

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