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Older Exercisers May See Added Benefit from Training with Whole Body Vibration

09th April 2013

A James Cook University study has now been published, and Hypervibe Australia is pleased to share the results. In the study, elderly participants achieved significant health improvements after 12 weeks of 10-minute exercise intervals on the Hypervibe whole body vibration machine when compared to those that did not.

James Cook University researchers looked at the exercise and training results of 38 Vietnam Veterans, averaging 62 years old, who suffer from at least one chronic disease. Participants of the Hypervibe training group displayed reduced hip size, reduced waist size, lower resting heart rate, increased endurance in the static squat test, quicker get-up-and go times, and faster measured walking times.

“Those doing Hypervibe Vibration Training achieved significant improvements,” said Dr. Rebecca Sealey, of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science at James Cook University, who performed the experiment. “There was an improvement to the health, mobility and function of the participants who undertook Hypervibe vibration training and that [participants] were more likely to stick to their exercise program compared to other forms of exercise.”

Sealey also tells that participants, “reported feeling healthier, fitter, and finding daily tasks easier.”

It is also notable that these results were achieved in one third of the time than the participants performing a side-by-side study of traditional exercises for 12 weeks at 60-minute intervals.

Study results also show that attendance rates were higher for the Hypervibe group compared to the traditional exercise group- suggesting that participants were more likely to stick to the Hypervibe exercise program compared to other forms of exercise.

From these findings, industry experts now surmise that using the Hypervibe whole body vibration machine yields significant improvements in overall health. Additionally, the shortened duration of time required for equal results are substantially less than traditional forms of exercise, with greater overall feelings of well-being, and consequentially participants are more likely to attend and follow through with a WBV exercise program.

About Hypervibe:
Hypervibe is a company devoted to Whole Body Vibration. Their team is made up of health experts, fitness enthusiasts, and technical professionals across the world. Hypervibe is dedicated to educating, informing and inspiring those who seek to achieve overall health and wellness. To learn more about Hypervibe whole body vibration, you can visit their website at

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