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Reduce cellulite with whole body vibration workouts

20th February 2015

Cellulite appears when fat accumulates in the adipose tissue underneath the skin and starts pushing up against the skin. Your skin is connected to the underlying muscles through long cords of fibrous connective tissue, between these two layers being stored the fat.

The connective tissue cords are rather tough and don’t change their length with the accumulation of fat, so as the adipose cells grow in volume, they lead to the uneven skin surface that is specific for cellulite. But it’s not only fat that causes the ugly bumps and lumps that prevent us from putting on a swimsuit or wearing shorts.

Poor circulation and the accumulation of toxins inside the cells also favor the occurrence of cellulite, which is more common than you might think. Around 9 in 10 women have at least one lumpy area, and it’s most often the glutes, thighs and belly that are affected by cellulite, but the arms, back, and breasts can also show signs of cellulite.

The decrease in skin elasticity and a poor flow of lymph favor the dimpled aspect of the skin, and even if cellulite is not a threatening medical condition, it can be very disturbing and can affect one’s self-esteem and social relationships.

Unfortunately, many cellulite treatments advertise miraculous results; creams, gels and massages, as well as expensive beauty devices claim to reduce cellulite from the first uses, but the truth is that in order to minimize the uneven appearance of the skin, one needs to work on the cause, and not on the effects. In other words, it’s not enough to apply a cream that will smoothen your skin for a couple of hours; to actually reduce cellulite, you need to address its cause.

If your problem is the result of poor circulation, and you tend to retain water around the waist or in your feet, then the best solution is that one that can restore healthy lymphatic drainage and blood flow. For those with office jobs, getting more active and spending less time sitting can help. Strength exercises can be very efficient as well, as they force the muscles to contract and this pushes the lymph through the vessels, contributing to better lymphatic drainage and to the removal of toxins from the cells.

Cardio workouts are also effective as they stimulate the circulation of blood and help in getting rid of the excess fats stored underneath the skin. Losing weight is especially useful in people who have lots of extra pounds, but will not solve the problem in all cellulite sufferers; in fact, there are lots of slim women who still have cellulite, and the reasons have been already mentioned – circulation problems, loss of skin elasticity and poor lymphatic drainage.

How whole body vibration training can help in cellulite reduction


Perhaps the best remedy for cellulite is exercise, and vibration training is on top of the list, as it can successfully replace strength workouts and can be a time-efficient and safe alternative for people who don’t have the time, the energy or the motivation for hitting the gym daily.

A vibration machine activates the muscles, strengthens them, and contributes to better circulation and lymphatic drainage; at the same time, exercising on a WBV platform helps in reshaping the body and improving the body composition by lowering the percentage of fat tissue and increasing the lean mass.

Then, vibration training helps in regulating or stimulating the production of certain hormones, among which cortisol, known to favor the accumulation of fat and weight gain. Depending on the parameters used when training, vibration exercises can also replace stretching, and this helps in smoothening the skin as well.

On our Support Site you’ll find a variety of exercises that are great for toning, improving lymphatic drainage and circulation, and reducing cellulite, so make sure to check the gallery.

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