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Aspects of Senior Health That May Be Improved Through WBV

15th December 2015

For many, senior living means dealing with unpleasant health problems and managing conditions that make everyday life less enjoyable.

Adopting a healthy diet and exercising more often can help in improving the quality of life and decreasing the risk of ailment. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at some aspects of senior health that can be improved through whole body vibration exercises.

1. Balance

The decrease in muscle mass and bone mass, the changes in the vestibular system and blood pressure, as well as sight problems and decreased coordination can all alter the balance of seniors, making them more prone to falls and fractures. Balance problems are associated with a lower quality of life and increased mobility, and may severely interfere with one’s ability to move.

Exercises done on a vibration machine can improve these aspects of senior health, contributing to better balance as well. In a previous article we explained in detail why balance decreases with age, and how whole body vibration can help, so take your time to read it if you want to learn more about this WBV benefit: Seniors can improve their balance with WBV exercises.

2. Muscle strength

The easiest way to keep muscles strong is to do strength exercises regularly, but for seniors these may be too demanding. Vibration machine exercises on the other hand are of low-impact and require less effort from users, so they can replace conventional workouts and can help seniors prevent or reduce muscle loss.

Research has shown that the long term effects of WBV on muscles are similar to those of weight bearing exercises. In this article, we explained why muscles become weaker with age: Sarcopenia causes and prevention. Also, here you can learn more about the muscle strengthening effects of whole body vibration training: WBV for muscle strength.

3. Bone strength and mineral density

The weakening of bones that happens as we age increases the risk of fractures and deformities, and can alter one’s posture and balance. This process speeds up after the age of 30 as can be accelerated by the lack of physical activity and an improper diet, as well as by conditions that prevent the absorption of calcium.

Exercising regularly can keep the bones strong, as the mechanical stress placed on bones during strength training and weight lifting, as well as the temporary damage caused to the tissue forces the bones to react by increasing their density. Whole Body Vibration has been shown to provide this kind of strength-inducing stress on bone.

In a previous article we discussed some studies that showed that vibration machine therapy can speed up recovery from fractures, you can find the article here: WBV could speed up recovery from fractures.

4. Circulation

Poor circulation can lead to fluid retention that causes the tissues to swell. In seniors, feet and ankle swelling is a common problem that results from poor blood circulation and inefficient lymphatic drainage.

WBV therapy and massage can help in reducing the swelling and discomfort by stimulating the circulation and helping in the removal of excess fluid and toxins from the body. You can learn more about the positive effects of whole body vibration on circulation here: Oxygenate your body and prevent fluid buildup.

5. Joint flexibility and health

A common issue in the elderly is the decreased flexibility of joints, which affects the range of motion. Vibration machine therapy can help improve this aspect by stimulating circulation and the delivery of nutrients to the joint components, as well as by stimulating the lubrication of the joint.

This reduces the friction between the bones, decreasing the risk of inflammation and reducing joint pain. There are several studies that show that exercising on a vibration plate can reduce inflammation in arthritis sufferers, so if you want to learn more about this, check our previous article: WBV exercises, anti-inflammatory effects in the elderly.

Here you can find some useful whole body vibration exercises for seniors. If you have something to add to this article, comment below or join our Facebook community and share your thoughts with us!

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