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fat food

Why you should add more fat to your menu

Until a couple of years ago, low-fat diets were promoted and generally accepted as the best weight

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balance hormones naturally

Tips for Balancing Hormones Naturally

Hormones are chemicals produced inside the body, which travel through the blood stream and regulate the activity

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vibration training effects

New Research on the Effects of Vibration Training

New studies show potential applications of vibration exercise in kids with disabilities, patients with fatty liver disease

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Natural solutions for a stronger immune system

The immune system defenses the human body against disease-causing microorganisms, and keeps ailment away by preventing the

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body composition

What is body composition and how to improve it?


Body composition is a key component of health, a higher percentage of fat tissue being linked with

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baby boomers bone health

Baby boomers and bone health

In a recent article, Mayo Clinic’s orthopedic surgeon Paul Huddleton, MD, explained how and

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