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Dangers You Must Not Ignore About Poor Circulation

10th April 2013

Typically referred to as “pins and needles,” that tingling feeling in your hands and feet can be related to your body’s ability to circulate blood. And while you might be able to temporarily rectify the problem by giving those parts that have “fallen asleep” a quick shake- you should know there might be something very dangerous going inside your body.

Let’s first understand a little about the circulatory system: it is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to your cells and is used to filter out waste and carbon dioxide from your body. Poor blood circulation can be detrimental to your health if neglected for too long, leaving you susceptible to health risks such as high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, varicose veins, peripheral artery disease, heart disease, kidney damage, aneurysms, arteriosclerosis, Raynaud’s disease, and phlebitis. There are several ways that you can reverse or improve low blood circulation and do so naturally with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.


Foods that Increase Blood Flow

Certain foods have been shown to naturally increase circulation. For example spicy foods- no we are not suggesting grabbing a bucket of hot wings- instead, choose foods that contain the chemical capsaicin. Derived from hot peppers (for example cayenne pepper), this chemical naturally increases the blood flowing through your system; it is also the culprit behind the flush in your skin when you consume these spicy foods. Onions and garlic are another natural blood pusher that has been shown to not only improve blood flow but also relax the muscles in the body (as you read on, you will see why relaxation is also recommended for increased circulation).  Spices containing Tincture, like ginger, are multi-beneficial to those that suffer from poor circulation because they help reduce cholesterol levels, cleanse the blood, prevent heart disease, and fight against atherosclerosis. Avoid those foods that you already know are unhealthy, like fast food, overly salty foods, and refined foods or processed foods.


Exercise to Increase Blood Flow

Any type of physical activity that gets your blood pumping is imperative to the body- but it is especially key to improving circulation. Exercise improves your cardiovascular system, thus improving the rate at which oxygen circulates through your muscles and the rest of your body. Burn some calories and break a sweat at least four to five times a week by walking, jogging, swimming, or using equipment such as a Whole Body Vibration machine since these are the most effective exercises for increasing blood flow. It’s not always easy to find the time for exercising, so if you can’t dedicate time every day, try parking far away from your destination, taking the stairs, or walking instead of driving- every step counts!


Lifestyle Choices that Increase Blood Flow

Relaxation is actually a huge contributor to the rate at which your blood flows because it is crucial to your overall health and wellness. Massage is one technique for relaxation that is recommended for specific areas of the body that are tight or tense, inflammation from these muscles can block the pathways that oxygen uses to travel within the body which interferes with blood circulation. A hot bath or shower is another way to relax that has also been found to naturally increase your blood flow. The same principles apply as the massage: the warm water relaxes otherwise tense muscles which are blocking the pathway for ease of blood flow. BesidesDangers You Must Not Ignore About Poor Circulation, the steam put off by your bath or shower loosens congestion, opens nasal passages, and allows you to breathe better and that serves to increase oxygen flow and blood circulation as well. You must learn to take time to pamper yourself in the name of better health!

Your body cannot operate at full potential if you are suffering from decreased circulation- feeling weak, tired, and suffering from a tingling feeling in your hands and feet might be your first indicators. If your body cannot maintain an appropriate level of circulation, you are at risk for various health issues that range from minor symptoms and ailments to major, life-endangering issues that affect the heart and brain.  With so many natural ways to improve blood flow and circulation, like diet, exercise, and relaxation, you have no excuse but to take steps to guard against potentially severe health risks down the road. Give your circularity system a kick start right now!

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