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Which Vibration Machine is Best for Me?

21st May 2016
vibration machine

It’s fairly common to be in a conversation with a client and this question comes up. Which is the best machine for _______? Truth is the “best” machine isn’t always the machine with the best performance or highest price tag. When it comes to vibration machines, comparing machines by price is probably one of the worst ways to compare. There are several machines out there well over $3000 that doesn’t offer the performance of machines priced under $1000. Confused yet? Good, maybe you’ll take the time to research a little further before pulling out the credit card and ordering one you really know little about other than the salesperson told you that the sale ends today.

a lady working out on a vibration machine

Be wary of companies promoting one machine over another for certain benefits. For example, “this machine is best for weight loss or this machine is best for arthritis”. Fact is a proper vibration plate will cover all of the benefits these machines claim. It’s the amount of acceleration measured in g-force combined with what exercises you perform that truly determine what you can expect to gain out of a vibration platform.

Deciding which machine is best for you really depends on a few things. The first budget obviously plays a role. Don’t settle for a cheap $300 machine because that’s all you can afford, you’ll likely be replacing it within a year. Perhaps considering financing or saving up and making an investment in a suitable vibration platform is a better way to go. At least you’ll get something of quality and hopefully from a company that isn’t just selling the latest gimmick. That doesn’t mean you need to break the bank either.

The key is to first understand how a vibration machine actually works. Once you understand how a machine accomplishes these benefits and what specifications it needs to deliver them, comparing brands becomes much easier. The list of machines that are actually capable of delivering the benefits will be short and you’ll be pleased to know that they won’t necessarily leave you broke either.

Over the last year, Hypervibe has expanded its lineup of platforms to address affordability and to offer our clients choice in the features their machines offer. 3 different models are available and even the least expensive model offers almost twice the performance compared to much more expensive brands in the market. Here’s a brief overview of the 3 models Hypervibe offers to help decide which machine suits your lifestyle and budget.

Hypervibe is now sold in several countries around the globe so be sure to visit to see what pricing and availability are in your area. In Canada, you can contact us at 877-425-3481.

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