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Vibration Training Aims to Make Getting Older Easier

17th April 2013

The benefits of an active lifestyle can have amazing effects on slowing down the aging process. As we age we, unfortunately, see a reduction in movement and joint flexibility, we lose muscle mass and add a little more fat mass. Not surprisingly, regular activity results in significant health benefits like increased strength, energy, balance, flexibility, stamina, and overall health. As our bodies age, it can get a little difficult to participate in resistance exercise programs or partake in Yoga or Pilates for their many health benefits.

Luckily, the evidence is piling up that Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is effective, easy, and safe for nearly all users. By just spending a minimal amount of time exercising on these machines, the muscle system is stimulated to increase strength & mobility, flexibility, balance, and reduction in body weight.


How It’s Done

By forcing the muscles to work to overpower the movement of the platform, the body gains strength yet does not have to perform any long-term vigorous or dangerous activity. The body simply responds to the motion of the platform with involuntary (reflex) muscle contractions. Similar to what happens when the doctor hits your knee with a reflex hammer. These contractions occur throughout 80-90 % of the muscle and therefore induce change more rapidly than traditional exercise.

A normal workout takes only 10-15 minutes. Because of the short duration of time needed to see results, many elderly participants are happy to continue the use of WBV training, as it does not require a long term, exasperating effort that leaves the user drained or in pain. In fact, in low-level settings, the WBV machines can also be used as a massaging tool or aid in recovery from exercise.


Who’s Doing It?

In one study (1) performed with 38 Vietnam Veterans, averaging 62 years old, who suffer from at least one chronic disease, by a doctor at James Cook University showed participants of a HyperVibe vibration training group displayed reduced hip size, reduced waist size, lower resting heart rate, increased endurance in the static squat test, quicker get-up-and go times, and faster-measured walking times.  It is also notable that these results were achieved in one-third of the time than the participants performing a side-by-side study of traditional exercises.  This is just one of the many examples of studies in existence that shows significant improvements in overall health.


Where It Happens

Many gyms across the globe are offering access to WBV machines. Trainers that are familiar with using WBV machines can assist those looking to give these machines a try. There exist numerous exercises and poses that can be performed while on a WBV machine and each pose leads to a different result. Those suffering from ailments or injuries are pleased to learn that you can still use WBV machines because of the very low impact and ability to choose a very low setting on the machine. Some users might find that they are so thrilled with the results that they are purchasing their own to have in their own residence- there are ways to do this affordably while enjoying unlimited and private access in your own home.

If you have not already started, start right now. The key to avoiding or reducing a slowed and painful body begins when you add exercise to your daily routine. Using a WBV machine will increase the flexibility, strength, and mobility of your body, and in a low impact way that allows nearly all users the ability to take part. The reduction in joint flexibility will eventually surrender your body immobile and severely exposed to the possibility of injury unless you stop this process or reverse it. The good news is that there is an answer to this unfortunate side effect of aging that we all have access to if we are ready to take the first step.


  1. Sealey R, Tope S. Effects of exercise interventions on physical condition and health of Vietnam Veterans. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation. 2011;18(8):438- 49.

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