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Hypervibe Reveals the Canadian Winner in Whole Body Vibration Machine Giveaway

24th July 2013

Hypervibe, a leader in whole body vibration technology, announced the winners of the company’s whole body vibration machine giveaway. The winner will receive a whole body vibration machine from Hypervibe worth over $2500.

Hypervibe opened entry to residents of Canada, Australia, and the United States. Fans of each region’s Facebook page submitted photos and inspirational stories about themselves, explaining how winning a whole body vibration machine would change their lives for the better. Finalists were chosen from the pool of participants and put to a vote by the public.

Helen W. Atkinson is the Canadian winner. 

“Helen’s story was very compelling,” said Deb Pelletier, local distributor for Hypervibe. “She told us how she fought viral encephalitis and eventually contracted Myalgic Encephalomyelitis which attacked her immune system and left her unable to exercise or exert herself without going into life-threatening distress. We are so excited to present Helen with this machine and we wish her well as she uses her new machine to get back to wellness.”

Whole body vibration machines stimulate the body in a variety of ways not possible with traditional forms of exercise. The machines pair gravity and resistance with the transmission of low frequency vibrations to the body. Benefits of using the machine include increases in: muscle power and strength, tone, circulation, bone density, balance and flexibility.

For more information, visit the following Facebook pages: Hypervibe USA, Hypervibe Canada or Hypervibe Australia.

About Hypervibe:

Hypervibe is a company devoted to whole body vibration. Their team is made up of health experts, fitness enthusiasts, and technical professionals from all over the world. Hypervibe is dedicated to educating, informing and inspiring those who seek to achieve overall health and wellness. To learn more about Hypervibe whole body vibration, visit



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