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Meet our October Feel Better Community Partners – Canada

Welcome to our October Feel Better Community Partner spotlight For more information on the Feel Better Community, read our

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Top 3 Most Viral Hypervibe Canada Facebook Posts

As shared by our Facebook readers

We love our Facebook followers–they’re always ready to share a healthy tip or tasty

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Feel Better Community Badge

Introducing the Feel Better Community

Are you a health and wellness professional?
Do you blog about health issues?
Apply to be part of our

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Meet Our September Feel Better Community Partners – Canada

Have you heard about our Feel Better Community?

It’s a growing movement aimed at helping you find all the information

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6 Tricks Restaurants Use Against You

Restaurants are booming business

Restaurant-industry sales are projected to be $6605 billion this year But the restaurant industry’s

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8 Health Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Training

Whole body vibration is generating a lot of buzz in the health and wellness industry Doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors,

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